Adolf Hiltler’s Foreign Policy

1, You can focus on how Adolf Hitler deceived western great powers like Britain and France. How was Hitler’s foreign policy with Russia ,US, and other countries? In term of the World War 2, our professor talked about how Adolf Hitler wants to concur Russia and build up a dominant power that can threatens America as a continental power. You can explain that with the sources how he did that using Nazi’s foreign policies. 2, I will provide you the pdf versions of my two primary sources. The professor said I should pick one specific question and stick with it. Being more specific will help you organize the analysis more effectively. The two sources are Ian Kershaw’s Hitler and Hitler, Joachim Fest. 3, For format: All written assignments must follow a standardized format. Papers must be in Times New Roman font, 12 pitch, left justified, double-spaced, with one inch margins. You must include page numbers. All references must be in the Chicago Manual of Style Notes and Bibliography format. All essays must include a cover page with your name, the date, and an essay title. They must also contain a bibliography in the Chicago Manual of Style format.

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Adolf Hiltler’s Foreign Policy
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