Aging of the Brain

Description:For this assignment, you will get the opportunity to explore the brain at different ages in the lifespan. Objectives:• Identify the tools neuroscientists use to study the brain and nervous system.• Describe the major structures of the hindbrain, midbrain, and forebrain as well as their respective functions.• Discuss the location and functions of the eight lobes of the cerebral cortex.• Describe the brain’s two specialized hemispheres and split-brain research. Instructions:Combining internet research and critical thinking to reveal milestones and identify concerns for the aging brain, you will write an essay to demonstrate your understanding of this essential life organ. Select any two ages you would like to learn more about for this assignment. • Students may compare and contrast the brain for two different ages; for example, at two years of age and at nine years of age• Students may summarize abilities and/or possible effects of age for one particular age; for example, a 45-year old man or a 96-year old woman.Step 1: Research. Conduct research to identify what brain functioning looks like for the ages you’ve selected. It is recommended that you conduct research through our Online Library or use a scholarly internet search. Wikipedia is not allowed and you will need to include at least two different sources; do not rely on the same website for all your information. Step 2: Write.Once you have conducted your research, write a two to a three-page essay discussing your findings. Your response should be in a Word document, written in APA format (12-point font, double spaced), and supported by research and in-text citations.

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Aging of the Brain
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