American Yawp textbook on American Empire

Section A: After reading the American Yawp textbook on American Empire, what does the term American Imperialism mean to you? Also discuss some of the political cartoons that are featured in the chapter.  How do these images impact Americans?  Anything else you noticed in this chapter?  LINK TO CHAPTER: Section B: Please share 3-4 things you learned from the video “Quest for Empire.” What are some things you learned you did not already know?  How does yellow journalism play an impact on war?   LINK TO VIDEO:  Section C: Please select 3 Quotes from the Zinn Chapter and write a brief paragraph as to why you think each quote is interesting, strange or of importance.   (Please write a paragraph for EACH quote). Please consider some of the ideas that may have been new information to you. LINK TO CHAPTER:

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American Yawp textbook on American Empire
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