Anthropology Media Article Review

Find a recent item (academic article/post/review, print and online news article, blogpost, podcast, etc.), that covers and analyzes social phenomena and social relations within the context of the covid-19 pandemic (including but not limited to coverage of pandemic, portrayal of ethnic and racial groups, “othered” countries and nations, citizen journalism, spread of unreliable news, etc.). Students must explain how an anthropological approach and anthropological inquiry tools to analysis of the selected case studies can facilitate our overall understanding of the current social, economic and political conditions during and post-pandemic. Instructions: The review should be written in essay form and include the following: A summary of the item’s central argument A discussion of how the item can relate to the anthropological perspective A discussion of how the item’s analysis and research (if any) could benefit from the application of the anthropological perspective as well as the anthropological research methodology Your argument should be supported by references to your primary material and to other anthropological readings or other academic sources as appropriate. You should cite at least two other sources. The article review should be around 1000 words in length.

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Anthropology Media Article Review
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