Apparel Industry Reflective Paper

Guiding Questions to include in your reflection paper. 1) “People are not going to care until it hurts them personally.” Being so detached from the people that make our clothing makes it very easy to close a blind eye to the problems in the apparel industry, especially when there are so many problems locally. How can the government, the apparel industry, and the U.S. consumer start to care about people who are making our clothing a half a world away? In an ideal world, are there policies or laws that can be enacted or enforced? Are there ways to restructure the global apparel supply chain? Is there a way to educate U.S. consumer regarding the true cost of the clothing they wear? Explain thoughtfully your ideas. 2) The reality is that until U.S. consumers start making demands and asking for change, the apparel industry has no reason to clean up its act. On the surface, the issues are obvious to us: pay the workers a better wage, change the supply chain, improve working conditions “…But I still want clothing to be cheap.” How can YOU as a consumer make change in the apparel industry? How could you educate others in demanding this change to the apparel industry? How could your buying habits and the buying habits of others demand change? (Be creative in thinking through this and its ok to think “in an ideal world”. That’s how we get there!)

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Apparel Industry Reflective Paper
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