Creative Writing Essay on Beauty of Nature

Creative Writing Essay on Beauty of Nature

Van Gogh once said, “if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” It proves to be true to nature lovers. If you are this kind of person who enjoys every bit whenever they step out of the door, then you know where beauty resides. Nature is generally the divine creation that surrounds us. In a broad sense, nature is the physical, natural, and material world. It can refer to the physical world or life in general. A creative writing essay on beauty of nature focuses on anything that makes human beings enjoy their surroundings.

Nature surrounds us in various aspects. It includes air, plants, water, and soil, among others. Nature has its own way of captivating and inspiring man from its beauty that ranges from the charming hill and mountain landscapes; statue still lakes to a glorious sunset and beautiful dew drops on the grass. Whatever makes nature attractive, it needs to be protected for us to continue enjoying it.

This article discusses components of a creative writing essay on beauty of nature, the writing patterns, and tips on writing a descriptive essay on beauty of nature. Follow towards the end as it shall explore the top example topics of descriptive essay on beauty of nature.

Creative writing essay on beauty of nature

Essay on Beauty of Nature

Coming up with a creative writing essay on beauty of nature is an integral part of students at all academic levels, right from middle school. It helps students acquire and sharpen their writing skills because the issue is personal and close to them. Furthermore, writing articles on beauty of nature triggers the learners’ self-awareness to appreciate and protect nature.

As earlier mentioned, nature is an essential element for life and needs the utmost care. For that reason, educators assign students assignments that require creative writing on beauty of nature. This allows learners to relate to nature’s beauty and acknowledge and develop ways of protecting the environment.

Sometimes, the professors give the students the freedom to select essay topics of their own. On such occasions, ensure to choose a topic you are well versed with to allow easy flow of ideas. However, intensive research is paramount to developing an outstanding paragraph on beauty of nature if the topic is given. Students are required to express their thoughts creatively. It is another way of expressing oneself to enable the instructor to capture different opinions and perceptions of students on nature.

Sometimes creative descriptions of nature can be challenging. Additionally, the student might be too preoccupied with other tasks that they lack enough time to handle the creative writing essay on beauty of nature. That’s where Mycoursebay comes in. We offer nature beauty essay writing help at affordable prices, helping students who are stuck to progress with their studies. Being one of the most trusted online assignment help websites, you are guaranteed the best creative writing essay on beauty of nature.

What Are The Components of a Good Creative Writing Essay on Beauty of Nature?

While you may understand the general definition of beauty essay and how to write one, it is crucial to understand the features that make it stand out. It is always an excellent idea to furnish your research approach and writing skills to develop a good descriptive essay on a beautiful scenery.

Listed below are the components of a good descriptive essay beauty of nature:

Plan Your Creative Writing Essay on Beauty of Nature

Planning is essential as it helps you arrange your thoughts and decide the best way you will present the beauty of nature essay. It enables you to picture priority areas and how well you will present your feelings and emotions.

Captures the Reader’s Attention

When you write an essay describing the beauty of nature, you need to remember that it is one of the many that the professor is going to read. You have to make your essay stand out among dozens of others. Besides being original, ensure that your creative writing essay on beauty of nature is different and as captivating as possible without making it sound peculiar or eccentric. Always write your essay with the reader in mind – it will help you capture their attention easily.

Adheres to the Essay Structure

Unless authorized otherwise, a creative writing essay on beauty of nature should entail the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should contain a hook that captures the reader’s attention and perhaps a thesis statement. Describe the beauty of nature in the body section and summarize the entire essay in the conclusion part. A good conclusion should contain a closing statement that evokes an interest in the beauty of nature among the audience.

Evokes Senses

If you are preparing a speech on beauty of nature, ensure that it evokes the audience’s senses. Every word and description should be felt in totality. The figurative language used only comes into reality when all the senses are rightly engaged.

Writing Patterns of Essays on Beauty of Nature

It is helpful to determine the patterns for a creative writing essay on beauty of nature before commencing to write. Always select a design that is most effective to the audience or the one that serves the purpose. General patterns include but are not limited to the following:

Narrative Pattern

Such a describing nature essay majors on telling a story.  As cheap as it looks, telling a compelling and engaging narration can be challenging now that you want to incorporate characters.  It is wise to seek help whenever the essay proves challenging. Besides writing you a nature beauty essay, we can also provide free descriptive essay on nature samples to guide you in your writing. You can additionally request a free descriptive essay on nature as a discount if you are a new or a loyal client.

Expository Patterns

Expository writing focuses on providing the correct detailed information, creating the beauty of nature meaning without being biased to one’s own opinions. Essays that follow this pattern give a report of what already exists – creates no room for new ideas.

Persuasive Patterns

An essay that follows a persuasive pattern focuses on convincing the audience of an argument or idea. The creative writing essay on beauty of nature contains a thesis that it tries to prove thought the entire paper.

Descriptive Patterns

Essays following a descriptive pattern emphasize on giving details of something as part of nature as a whole. Whether it is a speech on nature beauty or a general descriptive essay on a beautiful scenery, if you follow a descriptive pattern, ensure to give vivid details of the item of focus and perhaps its location.

5 Tips on Writing a Creative Essay on Beauty of Nature

Coming up with a creative writing essay on beauty of nature can be a daunting task sometimes. Following a beauty definition essay prompt does not help that much. However, with essential tips, even coming up with beauty of nature quotes becomes easy. Here are some tips to get you going with your writing:

Brainstorm the ideas – Before commencing the writing process, observe and note various things that make nature beautiful. Handpick the topic ideas you are more conversant with and can develop a good essay. Narrow down to the topic that is interesting and captures the reader’s attention well.

Capture the imagination of the reader – whether it is a beauty of nature speech or general essays on nature, it should strike the imagination of the reader. Captivate the reader into the beautiful imaginary world while making them yearn for more through your descriptions.

Engage the Readers’ Senses – A good creative writing essay on beauty of nature should capture human senses and feelings. Let them feel how cold (touch), silent (sound), and dark (sight) the forest is or how pleasant the aroma (smell) of roses is at daybreak.

Economize on Your Words – being too wordy and irrelevant is something you don’t want in your creative writing essay on beauty of nature. Make sure that you are straightforward and specific to the topic. Use few words to paint the picture of what is being described in the reader’s mind.

Write from a Personal Point – essays describing the beauty of nature are written from a personal point of view.  Most of the ideas, thoughts, perceptions are developed from personal experience. Do not be afraid to discuss your ideas as different people will always view nature differently. It would help if, however, you try to be as interesting as possible in your writing.

Topic Examples for Creative Writing Essay on Beauty of Nature

    • What I like about dinosaurs
    • A day at the beach
    • Visiting the zoo
    • An adventure in the desert
    • Friendly places in Africa
    • My encounter with snowfall
    • How plants grow
    • Encounter in the rainforest
    • How I like the spring season

In a nutshell, a creative writing essay on beauty of nature comes in different forms depending on the purpose it is supposed to fulfill. Like any other type of essay, an essay on beauty of nature comprises the introduction, body, and conclusion. It should be written in a manner that captures the reader’s attention. It can sometimes be challenging to come up with a captivating essay; it is understandable. Always feel free to contact Mycoursebay for professional help. Being one of the best assignment help websites, you are guaranteed timely quality content.


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