How to Write a Case Study Assignment

How to Write a Case Study Assignment

Writing a case study paper can be confusing, especially when you contact the wrong resources. Students often mistake case studies for research papers. While both involve systematic investigations to establish facts, case studies are more detailed to a particular subject matter.

In as much as it is a daunting task, it is achievable. Knowing how to write a case study assignment goes a long way to earn a student the best overall grades as it is the most tested form of essay. Learning from case study examples for students is not satisfying. You need to understand why specific details appear in certain sections and not in any other areas.

You probably are interested in knowing how to write a case study assignment. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of generating an outstanding case study essay. We will discuss the case study essay format for students in particular and perhaps take you through an example for deeper understanding. Consulting case study examples with solutions might help with the content as well.

how to write a case study

What is a Case Study?

Various disciplines, mainly social and life sciences, apply case studies as a research methodology.  It is, therefore, impossible to come up with one particular definition. However, to put it simply, a case study is a method of analysis designed to examine a person, place, event, or any other subject of an investigation regarding a problem to come up with a solution.

A case study can otherwise be defined as an organized in-depth investigation of a single/group of individuals or any other unit to establish the data-variable relationship. Generally, a case study refers to both a method of analysis and a research design for probing a problem. Knowing how to write a case study assignment requires first understanding the basics of a case study.

The Difference Between a Case Study and a Research Paper

As earlier mentioned, case studies are types of research papers. In writing a case study, closely and intensively examine the subject while paying attention to details. While writing one, you typically concentrate on a particular subject, a person(s), or an object regarding a problem. Research, on the other hand, investigates existing knowledge to gain facts and conclusions in general. Thus the primary difference between a case study and research pertains to the area of focus.

Another issue that discriminates between a case study and a research paper is in the mode of writing. While case studies involve a lot of storytelling, research papers highlight findings straight to the point. The storytelling mode used to write a case study is essential as it discusses conclusions concerning the main idea.

While case studies and research papers may look similar, they are theoretically two different types of writings. One thing that primarily unites them is that they empirically inquire about a subject to come up with a conclusion. To know how to write a case study assignment requires that you understand the difference as there are high chances of writing a research paper unknowingly. Remember to refer to case study examples for students for some content and evaluate which report is not in line with the requirements.

Types of Case Studies

A case study employs an approach that typically investigates a problem in a real-life context. Coming up with the solution to the problem requires studying mutually dependent variables and integrating the findings. Different case studies examine various issues in different domains. It will be helpful to select a particular type of study to learn how to write a case study assignment. Listed below are some of the most common domains that apply case studies as a research method:

  • Illustrative case studies – the primary purpose of such studies is to describe events. They make use of scenarios to make the unfamiliar familiar to the reader. Most case study examples for students are illustrative.
  • Cumulative case studies – the idea behind these kinds of studies is to develop solutions based on built-up information from previous studies. The study generally collects information through a comparison method.
  • Pilot case studies – these are studies conducted before the primary case research. They are small-scale investigations with the primary aim of familiarizing the researcher with the task. If convincing enough, a pilot case study can develop results for the primary research without necessarily carrying out the primary research.
  • Historical case studies – they apply, compare, and analytically evaluate historical events. If you are learning how to write a medical case study assignment, historical case study examples with solutions will go a long way to help you gain the concept. You should, however, note that different case study examples for students follow different writing formats.
  • Critical case studies – these are studies that investigate the subject of interest to scrutinize it. These research methodologies apply the cause and effect questions.
  • Problem-oriented case studies – the primary aim of such studies is to come up with a solution to a problem. They dig dip into theoretical situations. Often, instructors use this type to teach students who are first learning how to write a case study assignment.

Case Study Format – How to Write a Case Study Assignment Template

Like any other type of writing, case studies have a standard format that applies when writing the paper. While contacting online case study examples with solutions might help get the template, it is difficult to determine which one follows the proper case study format for students. Listed below are the components of a case study:

The synopsis / Executive Summary

A synopsis briefs the reader about the case study. Understanding how to write a case study assignment entails being aware of what the audience is eager to know at each step of the report.

A good summary starts by stating the problem that the study seeks to solve. After that, a recommendation on how to solve the problem is briefly indicated together with justified pieces of evidence. Moreover, highlight the field of research and the theory that you will apply in the case study. Lastly, conclude the synopsis by stating why resolving the problem is essential and the expected outcomes. You may also want to outline the case study’s findings at this stage without being specific to details.

Also included in this section are the assumptions that were made, if any. Assumptions are a foundation upon which a credible case research lies – the research seeks to respond to the assumptions. Furthermore, explain the terms used in this study for easy understanding of the context. A student who knows how to write a case study assignment will tell you that the readers should understand the entire case study from the executive summary without reading the whole report.


The introduction introduces the report to the reader. The opening sentence should be interesting to grab the reader’s attention and give them a reason to invest their time into your paper. Follow that by stating the problem to be encountered in the study. You may want to highlight brief details of the ideas about the situation to get the reader to have a clear view of it. After that, recommend the action you are going to pursue to address these issues. Lastly, outline the rest of the case study report.

Since the introduction only prepares the audience for the context, it is vital to be upfront when addressing the points. Avoid repeating case facts in detail and briefing the reader on case facts already familiar to them. Read case study examples for students to beef up your work.

Case study format for students requires students to use simple and straightforward language in the entire paper. Understanding how to write a case study assignment needs paying attention to details of the case study format for students. Check case study examples with solutions for introduction section ideas.

The Analysis

Here, the course content gained is used to examine the problem identified earlier. Integration of this knowledge should be systematic and detailed. You may want to isolate the sections of the case study and independently deal with each.

The analysis section additionally contains linkages to related exhibits, which appear in the appendix section of the report. These exhibits can be graphs, tables, and figures, etc. exhibits often provide evidence regarding the analysis.

While writing an analysis, use headings to subdivide your work. Note that academic jargons are not always easy to understand, provide explanations. Also, avoid using course content that is not relevant to your recommendation.

Solution Proposals and Decision Making Criteria

This section presents all realistic ways applicable to solving the problem. It also outlines a criterion that can be used to decide which solution is the best. Decision-making follows a standard that requires the best solution to meet the recommendation’s critical requirements to encounter the problem.

Often, the instructor recommends solution alternatives which make it unnecessary to include this part. However, if you have to choose your own, ensure to select a reasonable and most viable option. Always remember that a good solution should be mutually exclusive – a solution that rules out others. Furthermore, demonstrate that the answer you are choosing is the best by providing relevant evidence. To know how to write a case study assignment obliges you to master writing skills first.

Recommendations and Implementation Plan

This section presents specifics of the recommendation besides what the reader already knows. It should answer what will be done in which procedure using what expertise or equipment. Also presented at this point is an implementation plan that will successfully bring the recommendation into practicality. The plan should be specific with who, when the implementation will be carried out, and how much it will cost.

It is essential to mention the possible problems that might face the implementation process and how to solve these problems. Ensure to provide details but don’t forget to be straightforward.


Good writing should end with a conclusion. Case studies rarely require a close but if you decide to have one, make it outstanding – it goes a long way to end your report on a solid note. It should present in brief the main points that support the recommendation earlier mentioned. Ensure that you point out strong points to keep them lingering in the reader’s mind even after reading.


Citing sources is essential to mark ideas that are not your own to avoid plagiarism. Highlight all sources contacted during the case study. Present the appendix in this section also.

How to Write a Case Study Assignment

At this point, you undoubtedly know the case study format for students. Dividing a writing task into progressive steps goes a long way to get you an outstanding write-up. Preparation is vital before commencing the actual writing. A good case study assignment is one that has been proofread to ensure there are no errors.

Knowing how to write a case study assignment requires creativity and faithfully following the writing steps. It will be helpful to consult online case study examples with solutions to get a clear view of how to answer a case study assignment. Mentioned below are the steps on how to write a case study assignment:

Step 1: Problem Identification

Critically examine the problem in the assignment question. Try to think about the cause of the problem and perhaps how to develop the problem’s solution. Also, pay attention to the rubric set by the lecturer on how marks are awarded. Instructions will help you know what the professor expects of you.

Step 2: Researching on the Case Study Assignment

Preparation is fifty percent of getting a job done. A quality paper requires in-depth research before writing. Consulting various sources helps you get a better view of the case study assignment and develop the best solutions.

Researching will help you figure out the objective of the case study. It will help you find reasons to want to solve the problem at hand. You will know how to write a case study assignment if you can state clear objectives that will guide you. The research will additionally assist you in defining the field of study and consequences that may arise pertaining to the area of research and how well to combat them.

You might want to be specific enough by determining the scope of the subject you want to study. Ensure to reach out to the subject if need be for first-hand data. Writing a case study takes a whole lot of time – reach out to Mycourcebay writers for assistance in case you are in a fix. You can also buy our case study examples with solutions at a fair price.

Step 3: Write the Case Study Outline

After intensively researching the assignment, the next step is to write a case study outline. An outline highlights the main points in different sections of the write-up. Keep in touch with case study examples for students to get a clear view of an outline. An outline is essential as it eases the writing process. Make sure that you present the main points in each section.

When writing a case study outline, make the points short as they only point out what you will write in the body part. Ensure to present each point where it should be. In other words, an outline helps you organize the information acquired during the research.

Step 4: Writing a Case Study Draft

You probably want to know how to write a case study assignment draft.  Writing a draft must be taken with all the seriousness it takes to write the main paper as it will be used to identify shortcomings. At this stage, you know how to answer a case study assignment.

Almost everything in the draft should be included in the final copy. The case study outline is therefore essential in coming up with a draft. You do not want to miss anything right from the case study problem statement to the conclusion. In other words, include everything discussed in the case study format for students before, the executive summary, introduction, analysis, solution proposal, implementation plan, conclusion, and references.

Although your case study is a story, ensure to ground it on evidence. Illustrate your points with as much evidence as you can; this tells you why research is critical. Moreover, use an appendix or Notes to give details of terms or sources that are too technical. Go through available case study examples for students to learn how to write an appendix. As already mentioned, knowing how to write a case study assignment is a step-by-step process.

Step 5: Writing the Final Copy

After writing the case study draft, the next step is to proofread it and polish mistakes. Check whether the case study format for students is used. Also, ascertain that the correct formatting has is used and your grammar is correct.

Avoid overgeneralizing ideas, do enough research instead. Weigh your content against other case study examples for students. A good case study should also point out the limitations of the study; never miss that.

Step 6: Reference your Work

Often, students forget to reference their work. It would be best to acknowledge the contribution of other researchers in your case study by citing the sources. Referencing is a way to offer evidence to your claims; you may have borrowed content from online case study examples for students. In short, referencing is proof that you did research.

There are many ways of referencing; MLA and APA referencing styles are the most common. Make sure that you inquire with the university about which mode is standard for your papers. By now, you probably have more than enough information on how to answer a case study assignment. It should not give you problems.

In summary, it is easy to master how to write a case study assignment provided you know the definition of such a study. Understanding the case study format for students is key to coming up with the best case study in college. You may want to get a clear picture from online case study examples with solutions. Consult Mycoursebay online platform for more inquiries on how to write a case study assignment or any other task.


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