How to Write an Environment Conservation Essay

How to Write an Environment Conservation Essay

Have you ever imagined what would happen if everyone dumped litter in the respective places? We live in a global consumer society where goods are can easily be accessed – making life easier. The result, however, is the disposal of a variety of products causing damage to the environment. This article will discuss environmental pollution and the necessity of environmental protection. What’s more, this post will guide you on how to write an environment conservation essay to familiarize yourself more with environmental protection measures.

Education is unarguably the most powerful weapon for change, hence the need to integrate environmental conservation in the school syllabus. Teaching students how to write an essay on environment conservation serves as a good education tool. The best thing about it is that it is less complex.  Nevertheless, you can hire experts writers at Mycoursebay for cheap essay writing services if you are in doubt or committed elsewhere. Professionalism in your conservation of environment essay is guaranteed.

how to write environment conservation essay

What is the Environment? What is the Importance of the Environment?

To understand the importance of the environment, you must first answer, ‘what is the environment?’ The environment means everything that surrounds us, both living and non-living things. It encompasses water, soil, plants, and animals, both of which adapt to their surroundings. To know how to write an environment conservation essay, you must understand the environment meaning as everything you write will be grounded to it.

Environment plays a crucial role in healthy living and the existence of life on the earth. The earth is home to a variety of living organisms that solely depend on the environment to survive. Survival needs such as food, air, and water cannot be met without the environment.

What is Environment Conservation?

Environment conservation is proactive managing, protecting, preserving, or restoring the natural environment and its ecological inhabitants. Conservation is done to enhance the sustainable social and economic utilization of the environment by the public. In other words, environment conservation means protecting the environment from the dire impact of human activities by limiting resource consumption and pollutant emission. Understanding the meaning of environmental protection is key to knowing how to write an environment conservation essay.

How to write environment conservation essay

Importance of Environmental Conservation

Why is Environmental Conservation Important? Environmental problems have increased in recent years mainly due to poor management of technological advancements. This has threatened natural resources, human health and economy, and the gene pool of ecosystems. Therefore, solving the dispute between environmental protection and the need to satisfy human desires becomes necessary.

The earth planet is facing an environmental crisis that needs a quick solution. There is uncertainty about the survival of the future human race. The biggest challenge is that most people are unaware and misinformed about environmental problems. Therefore, environment conservation is being integrated into the school curriculum to protect the environment from degrading.

What are the advantages of conservation?  To master how to write an environment conservation essay, you have to familiarize yourself with these advantages. Below are some of the reasons why the environment should be conserved:

  • Preserves the ozone layer – Protecting the ozone reduces the amount of ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth’s surface. Ultraviolet radiation is known to cause skin cancer.
  • Maintains the food chain – Damaging the food chain members might be seemingly insignificant but can go a long way to upset the entire food chain.
  • Protects portable water – Protecting the environment prevents climatic changes that reduce the sea level.
  • Protects non-renewable resources – Consider fossil fuels, the dominant sources of energy throughout the world. These are non-renewable resources. Limiting the extraction of fossil fuels not only controls environmental pollution but also prevents the reserve from degrading.
  • Global warming reduction – Protecting the environment from air pollution safeguards the atmospheric greenhouse. It ensures that enough heat from the sun is radiated hence preventing global warming.
  • Human health improvement – destroying the wildlife habitat evokes new diseases that move between animals and human beings. On the other hand, species that help produce medicines are destroyed. Protecting the environment prevents all that.

How Can We Prevent Environmental Problems?

What are environmental problems and solutions? Humanity faces many threats, but none is more remarkable than ecological destruction. If you are overwhelmed with thoughts, do not feel helpless thinking where to begin. At this juncture, you probably know some of the environmental problems the world is facing which need proactive management. If you are wondering ‘how can we conserve our environment?’, here are a few steps worth attempting:

Make Recycling a Habit

Recycling is one of the methods of environmental conservation that have been overlooked. While it is good to dump recyclable waste among other trash, making it available for recycling would do better. Recycling is an effective way to reduce land waste, save habitats, and conserve natural resources. Learn to identify what can be recycled and implement it.

Invest in Eco-friendly Products

Eco-friendly products might seem expensive, but they will save you money and protect the environment in the long run. It may be tempting how other products might be cheap but always consider acquiring something that will drive you round the bend. Repurchasing a cheap product, again and again, makes you spend more than purchasing a relatively expensive eco-friendly product.

Purchasing a long-lasting product means less waste and hence less landfill. Make purchasing eco-friendly products or renewable energy sources normal.

Replace Disposable with Reusable

Using disposable products increases landfills. Adjust to reusable items, which may take long before being disposed of. Case in point, you may want to carry your own cup/plate to a function to avoid using disposable food bags and plastic wraps.

Reduce Paper Use

In this digital error, try as much as possible to avoid paperwork. Read that book on Kindle or in a library instead of buying hard copies. Avoiding paper towels is also a significant step towards protecting the environment. Also, refrain from printing – print on both sides of the paper if you have to. Passing on papers reduces landfills as it is the most significant contributor to land waste.

Conserve Water

Conserving water means using water responsibly. It keeps the water safe for consumption and also ensures the survival of aquatic animals.

Increase Forest Cover

What is the importance of forest conservation? Besides regulating precipitation, forests are home to 80% of terrestrial biodiversity that offers essential nature services for humankind’s survival. Most importantly, forests reduce the amount of carbon(iv)oxide in the air, making it safe for animal nourishment.

Protect the Environment from Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM)

SPM means the presence of fine solid or liquid particles in the air. They usually result from industrial activities, combustion processes, and natural sources such as volcanoes. One significant hazard of SPM includes acid rain, which affects both land and aquatic ecosystems in the long term. Strict measures should be put to reduce SPM. You may want to contact Mycoursebay for ‘how to save the environment from SPM’ essay samples.

How to Write an Environment Conservation Essay Step by Step

You may be wondering what is the importance of the environmental conservation essay. As mentioned earlier, environment conservation is being integrated into the school syllabus to curb the degradation of the surroundings. One important thing required of students is to know how to write an environment conservation essay. The following guidelines will help accomplish the task.

Step 1: Selecting a Topic

The critical step to writing is knowing what to write about. Brainstorm on environment conservation essay topics to have a variety of ideas. Often, instructors give their students the topic, but if you have the freedom to choose one, select a topic that gets your thoughts flowing without difficulty. Listed below are examples of environmental conservation essay topics you can use to learn how to write an environment conservation essay:

  • Sustainable management of water resources.
  • Cause of land degradation and how to control them.
  • What role do individuals play in conserving energy and water resources?
  • What are the control measures for air, water, and soil pollution?
  • What are the advantages of multidisciplinary studies in solving environmental problems?
  • How can food security be achieved?
  • Should the government promote the recycling of all products? Discuss.
  • What are the causes of desertification? How can they be controlled?
  • Curbing threats of biodiversity in today’s world.
  • Why should everybody participate in environmental conservation?

Step 2: Thoroughly Researching

To know how to write an environment conservation essay, research is a paramount preparation. Preparation is half the job done. In-depth research is relevant to fill the knowledge gap or enhance knowledge on what you want to write. You may also want to find out the importance of environmental conservation essay to familiarize yourself with what should be written.

Researching will help you gather and organize your points. It will give you reasons to want to handle the problem at hand, the environmental crisis. While browsing for information is helpful, been keen will go a long way to get you the correct information. Most articles are written by amateurs who are just trying their luck.

Step 3: Follow instructions

After gathering enough content and about to commence writing, ensure to reread instructions and know what is expected of you. Knowing how to write an environment conservation essay means following instructions. Your topic should be in line with the assignment prompt and responding to ‘How can we prevent environmental problems?’ Instructions can also give information on marks awarding; this enables the writer to know which paragraph on conservation of environment to put much weight.

Step 4: Write the Essay Outline

The key to a successful essay on conservation of environment is outlining ideas before commencing the actual writing. It helps to construct arguments in an organized manner. Outlining involves picking relevant points and inserting them in sections where they fit to give your essay a thoughtful flow.

A good outline states the topic sentence followed by supporting ideas and pieces of evidence. Highlight your points in brief, as this organizes your thoughts so that you have an easy time writing an essay on conservation of environment. You cannot understand how to write an environment conservation essay if you cannot make an essay outline.

Before outlining, ensure you are conversant with the essay structure, the introduction, body, and conclusion. It will enable you to know what to include in every paragraph on conservation of environment.

Step 5: Writing the Environment Conservation Essay – First Draft

After outlining your work, the actual writing becomes easy. The essay on environment conservation is based on the outline you earlier made. Remember to make the introduction catchy to the reader. Also, state your thesis in the introduction’s last sentence. The body should discuss the clues that support your thesis and the topic at large. Finalize with a conclusion. It should summarize everything. Close with a statement that evokes the reader’s emotions on the matter, make them see the need to conserve the environment.

Step 6: Proofreading your Work

Go through your conservation of environment essay to ensure that the points are well presented. Confirm that you responded to ‘How can we prevent environmental problems?’ Is the main clue coming at the first line of the paragraph? Have you supported your claims with enough evidence? Consequently, check that your language is easy to understand and correct grammar has been observed. Last but not least, ensure that your work is edited to the instructor’s requirements. You may want to get someone else to critique your work – they are likely to identify mistakes you did not notice.

Step 7: Write the Finally Copy

Basically, this is the last step of learning how to write an environment conservation essay. Having highlighted the shortcomings, write the final copy. It is the copy that you are going to submit, be keen on details.

Tips on How to Write an Environment Conservation Essay

  • Maintain consistency. An excellent environmental conservation essay should be consistent with the theme. You do not need to add unnecessary details, as this will scatter your reader’s attention.
  • Provide the latest evidence to your claims. Evidence backs up arguments. It is crucial to use the most recent evidence as the environmental problems keep on changing. Compare these shreds of evidence to create a picture in your reader’s mind. Generally, knowing how to write an environment conservation essay requires one’s skills and understanding of the importance of environmental conservation essay. Ensure to cite your work to avoid plagiarism.
  • Provide figures and graphs for further reference. Your reader might be interested in further comprehending the environmental problems as much as they are with the conservation measures. Provide figures that will guide them. Additionally, it is easier and enjoyable to read pictures as they capture attention more than words. While some readers may be too lazy to read lengthy proses, at least let them capture your discussion through figures. Learning how to write an environment conservation essay is easy if you have a creative mind.
  • State the Consequences in Case of Inaction. We are the architects of our destruction. Let your readers understand the threats they cause to the environment and how they can avoid them. To create more emphasis, highlight to them the consequences of inaction.

All that said, you now have an idea of how to write an environment conservation essay. The critical step to writing a unique environment conservation essay is understanding the basics. You need to have the environmental threats at the tip of your fingers and how to control them. Writing the essay subsequently becomes easy as you only follow the basic essay structure. Knowing how to write an essay on environmental conservation is an easy task. However, you may reach out to Mycoursebay online essay writers for help if need be. We have a pool of professional writers working round the clock to serve your needs. Your success is our priority.


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