[Get Solution]Surveying Landscape

SURVEYING THE LANDSCAPE Contributing productively to a conversation—academic or otherwise—means first looking to see what others in the conversation have said and developing something worthwhile to contribute; in these regards, you’ve mostly done your homework (figuratively and literally). But making your case successfully requires more than simply writing whatever pops into your head.   REVIEW  […]

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[Get Solution]the doctrine of transferred intent

Explain the doctrine of transferred intent. What crimes does it apply to? Why is it important? What is meant by “corpus delicti?” Explain how a defendant may be prosecuted for murder when the victim’s body has not been found. To reduce murder to manslaughter, courts generally hold that what four requirements be met? Define, compare, […]

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[Get Solution]Legal Theories

In a well-organized, 2 to 3-page essay discuss the case of Perin v. Hayne. Be sure to discuss the court’s reasoning and ruling on each of the four legal theories. Why did the court have no occasion to decide whether failure to advise the plaintiff of the risk of nerve injury raised a negligence issue? […]

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[Get Solution]The Importance of Studying Crime

The purpose of this assignment is for students to provide a quick “3-2-1” reflection on the module material and how they were able to achieve the module learning objectives.  This assignment is constructed in a blog format but is not a traditional blog. Assignment: Respond to the following “3-2-1” Question Prompts in reference to defining […]

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[Get Solution]Why should we hire you

A very common which is asked by every candidate from their interviewer or employer is that why should we hire you, what makes you unique, why would you be a good fit for this position, and what benefits you are going to give to our company? After applying for a job with an attractive cv […]

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[Get Solution]National Federation of Independent Business

In a well-organized, two to three-page essay, discuss the case of NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS ET AL. v. SEBELIUS. Be sure to include who benefited by this decision and what negative consequences might follow. Requirements: Minimum of 750 words. APA format         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got […]

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[Get Solution]Technology And Contemporary Environment

Analyze the attached case study:1. Identify the most important facts surrounding the case.2. Identify the key issue or issues.3. Specify alternative courses of action.4. Evaluate each course of action.5. Recommend the best course of action.So, you may ask “what does each step involve?”1. Identify the most important facts surrounding the case. Read the case several […]

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[ORDER SOLUTION]  Multicultural Diversity

(Discussion)Choose ONE question to talk about.1.What current day dominant and minority response patterns occurred during the colonial period?2.What aspects of the Irish, Dutch or German experience can be applied to current immigrant groups? Select one of these groups and compare them to a specific group today (your choice).3.Why didn’t all immigrants desire to become fully participating citizens in the country to which they moved? In your opinion, does this still apply today?4.How did immigrants who were seeking religious freedom come to the New World with their own stereotyped beliefs, and how did this impact their relationship with other immigrants?

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[ORDER SOLUTION] American Identity

“American Identity” and answer the prompt: How has America historically identified itself? How have you come to understand the concept of an American identity? What social and historical factors have influenced mainstream definitions of “America”? How do you define the American National Narrative or American identity? How also have you come to understand the concepts of “Native American/American Indian,” and Chican@ identity and culture? If you are unaware of these concepts or perhaps how these identities are usually represented that is ok! Please think of this first required discussion thread as a “free write” that you would typically do in class on the first day. This exercise is not only to help you become more comfortable with the online discussion format, but also give you an idea of the types of critical response and dialogue with peers that I would like to see happen throughout the semester!

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[ORDER SOLUTION]  American Studies

Read this chapter from the book and use it as a source you need three strong points from the reading.Write a one page paper Discussing  the important role African American women played in the fight for women’s suffrage.How did their motivations differ from those of white women?Analyze Terborg-Penn’s endnotes. What primary sources does she use and how might they be helpful to your topic? Explain.

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