Digital Divide

Digital Divide What is the Digital Divide and why is it important? What are the effects and causes? What can and has been done to help bridge the divide?  Incorporate as many of the who, what, where, when, why, how thoughts that you can to discuss the Digital Divide. College-level writing expected which includes proper […]

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Workstation Assessment

Workstation Assessment Practice assessing a workplace and preparing a professional report – You are an ergonomist (feel free to be creative and professional e.g. give yourself a company name, designa company logo – not required but adds to the professionalism) hired to do an ergonomic workstation assessment of a computers (for the purposes of this […]

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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Instructor Comments: Submit an annotatedbibliography. Be sure that you collect a minimum 3-4 peer reviewed sources (published within the last 10 years) from legitimate sources for the annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography must be relevant to your ‘working title’ of your research proposal. Please note that each annotation should be around 250 words […]

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Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology For this assignment, you will be writing a critical analysis of the topic of the privacy concerns surrounding “Facial Recognition Technology”. Your analysis should focus on the following: 1. Identify and summarize what Facial Recognition Technology is currently used for in government and businesses. 2. Critics of Facial Recognition Technology which includes […]

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Change Path Model

Change Path Model Prepare and submit an 8 – 10-page paper that applies a change model such as Kotter’s 8-Step Process or the Change Path Model to an actual organizational change initiative. The paper should describe the organizational challenge identifying the type of change required and discuss the need for organizational change as well as […]

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Supporting Green Initiatives and Sustainability

Supporting Green Initiatives and Sustainability A growing trend is a concept of supporting green initiatives and sustainability. It is now becoming easier to support these initiatives with mobile apps that support green lifestyles. Search the Internet and write a short paper (400-500 words, not including in-text citations and reference list) identifying at least five mobile […]

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Benefits of a Management Console

Benefits of a Management Console This week, you learned about the benefits of a management console for cloud deployment and gained particular insight on AWS’s Management Console, a web interface that allows you to access many AWS services from one place. The click-through activity in Module 3: “Introduction to the AWS Infrastructure” should help throughout […]

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