[Get Solution]Student Loan Scholarship

This is a short-style essay that is supposed to be 250 words or less. The essay is part of a student loan scholarship contest (e.g., the winner will receive a scholarship that can be used toward their student loan). The topic of the essay is as follows: If money wasn’t an issue, where would you […]

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[Get Solution]Side Quest

Imitate the sample below…  Choose one of the passages from Martin that you annotated (NOT the one used in the sample below). Answer the questions from the AGWR that one should ask oneself when reading fiction. Then fill out a chart detailing some of the choices the author makes with his writing and how you think those […]

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[Get Solution]Love Poem

– Need someone to write a 12 lined, A-B-A-B rhyme scheme love poem that’s 100% not plagerized.- Basically saying how much I love and cherish her.- Would like it to be creative and feeling put into it         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got you covered. Get your paper […]

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[Get Solution]English composition

EN120 English Composition I   Directions:  Be sure to make an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading.  Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar.  If sources are cited they must be in APA format. Your response should be a maximum […]

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Personality | Instant Homework Solutions

Answer one (1) of the following DB questions in your main post: Do you think personality is determined by nature, nurture, or both?  Support your viewpoint with examples from scholarly research finding as well as your own experience. Do you believe there are gender differences in personality?  If so, do you believe they are determined by nature, nurture, or both? Support your viewpoint with examples from scholarly research finding as well as your own experience. Describe Freud’s theory of personality development.  Do you think Freud’s theory of personality development is still relevant today?  Why or why not?  Support your viewpoint with examples from scholarly research finding as well as your own experience.

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Dialogue-Only Story | Instant Homework Solutions

This assignment is designed to challenge the writer to reveal/build character and move a plot/story forward through dialogue alone. Write a scene from a short story OR from a stageplay/screenplay that starts with a conversation between two to three characters during which we learn significant details about their background (through their speech mannerisms), as well as vital information about what’s about to happen next in the story. chitchat, cliches, and ‘on-the-nose’ lines.Try to employ as much subtext as possible, while making the dialogue at all times adversarial. No descriptive paragraphs or introductions are needed. If you are writing a play, assign names to your characters in order to identify who said what (follow the example of formatting found in Maude In The Garden). If you write it in short story format, do not use elaborate descriptions of your characters, and do not add any other type of information (like what the characters do or think while talking, etc.) Try to follow the strategy used by Hemingway in Hills Like White Elephants. This does not have to be a complete story! It is just a one-scene exercise in dialogue! DON’T USE COMPLICATED LANGUAGE PLEASE! AND ALSO NO SOURCES IT’S CREATIVE WRITING.

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How to solve Procrastination | Instant Homework Solutions

I need to write a basic essay (Introduction, 3 body paragraphs and Conclusion) for my “Writing Skills” class. I need to be really simple, I can’t have a lot of very formal words. As basic as it can be.  It would be great if I could have an intext citation and reference, if it’s not 100% necessary. My teacher says:”Write an essay: How to solve procastination?”

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Knowing Yourself and Friend | Instant Homework Solutions

When Vincent encounters a problem for example when he gets clients that may ask him a question that is not familiar with him about a product, he can use all his abilities to convince them in all means until they are contented with the answer he gives them. In some cases, he might set some challenging tasks like having a plan to sell a certain number of devices in a certain period; at some point, it becomes a challenge. Still, when it happens he always gets out to the field and explains to the people about the available products, and he also invites some of them to the shop, and those who are ready with cash always get the product immediately. When he is faced with setbacks, for example, when a product stays in the shop for a very long time without being bought, he ensures that he puts subsidies on the product and advertises it again to find prospective buyers again.   Answer the following question from the paragraph above 1. What kind of Value do you think that Vincent has? 2. How do you think their value and their confidence power their success? 3. Tell us how you plan to follow in their footsteps by using your confidence in your own life and career?

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Information Retrieval on Clickbait | Instant Homework Solutions

guide line: • Introduction about Clickbait • Clickbait classification  • Learning mashie and algorithms(methods)  • Comparison of algorithms(methods) are used and Which is better, why?  • Abstract  • Conclusion • Reference

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Terrorism as an International Agenda | Instant Homework Solutions

Should international terrorism be the top issue on the international agenda? Why or why not

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