Identity Theft | Instant Homework Solutions

There is considerable interrelationship between access device fraud, identity theft, and aggravated identity theft. How are these crimes committed and where is the interrelationship?

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Police Response | Instant Homework Solutions

Could we have done something differently? View a video showing a police response to call concerning a man wanted on an outstanding felony warrant. The final portion of the video is several views of the police assault on the room the man is in. Once you have viewed the video, respond to the following questions: (1) what, if any, other tactical options were available to the officers; and (2) what, if any, negotiation options were available to the officers? Video: Reference [Police Activity]. (2016, June 4). Bodycam shows cops shooting man armed with machete [video file]. Retrieved from

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Infringement and Violation | Instant Homework Solutions

Think about your own personal experiences with crime, infringement or violation of some kind. these maybe be things you yourself have done, they maybe be things that were done to you, things others have done that affected you, or things you have witnessed that has an impact on you. pick one such experiences. in this part of the final project, describe the incident/experience. who were the main parties involved? who did what to whom? what were the actions involved? what ere the consequences for the people involved? please note that” consequences” include but are not listed to those that are a legal-judicial, financial, emotional, psychological or quality of life nature. Aside from any legal aspects that may apply, what makes this incident/ experience a “crime”? explain.

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Crime Control Strategies | Instant Homework Solutions

Use at least five articles from scholarly sources in a paper that discusses police departments and crime control strategies. 2. Use at least five articles from scholarly sources in a paper that discusses illegal drug use, illegal prostitution, and money laundering. 3. Use at least five articles from scholarly sources in a paper that compares and contrasts the problems associated with defining and determining the frequency of corporate crime in the United States. 4. Use at least five articles from scholarly sources in a paper that examines one of the various theories that explain crime. 5. Use at least five articles from scholarly sources in a paper that critiques middle-class delinquency’s relationship to gangs.

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Mock Crime Scene | Instant Homework Solutions

For this assignment, you will create a mock crime. You will take on the role of Crime Scene Investigator by investigating the crime scene and following the steps of evidence documentation.  Instructions:  • Your mock crime scene may be from a hypothetical case of your own creation or from an actual case that you research.  • Create an investigative report of the crime scene. o Describe the crime scene. o Explain the items of evidence and their importance in an investigation. o Take 4-6 pictures of a room. This room can be your house, workplace, or any other room. o Create a sketch of the room as if it were a crime scene. Include objects, persons, etc.

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Government and Politics Discussion | Instant Homework Solutions

Articulate and discuss the following: Discuss the major Statist trends beginning in the 60’s and continuing into the 80’s. Evaluate the major political ideologies influencing the policy arena.  To do so, you must employ ideas from the required Worldview/Political Ideology Presentations. Synthesize the above with a Biblical model of government and statesmanship.PLEASE BE VERY DETAILED! PLEASE INCLUDE 2 BIBLICAL REFERENCES WITHIN THE 8 REQUIRED SCHOLARY REFERENCES! TURABIAN FORMAT!

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Policing and Crime Prevention Measures | Instant Homework Solutions

For the Police and Society papers, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines to insure the best grade possible: At a minimum, each paper should include the following: A statement of current policy or crime prevention measure Reasons for initiation of policy changes or implementation of crime prevention measures Policy options/crime prevention measures to be considered (a minimum of 3 options) Pros and cons of each option Recommended course of action Reasoning for selecting that course of action Body of Paper The main portion of the paper should be dedicated to establishing the background and discussing the reasoning behind your policy recommendation. The following is an outline describing what the main body of the paper should include. Overview / Background Statement of purpose – Why is the decision-maker being asked to consider a policy change at this time? Literature Review Regarding the Origin and Effectiveness of the Current Policy – In this section, you will provide a 2-3 page literature review about the policy you have chosen, how it originated, and scientific studies of its effectiveness. Statement on the Necessity for Change – What circumstances (e.g., changes in government, leadership, stability, etc.) have changed that make a new approach advisable or necessary? Discussion Discuss the alternatives to the current policy option/prevention measure by enumerating and explaining each policy option/prevention measure in turn. Pros and cons of each policy option/prevention measure should be discussed next. Identify the political, economic, and security implications for each option. Each policy option or prevention measure should be compared and contrasted to the other options as well as to the current policy. Additionally, any policy options that you suggest must also include a review of the current scholarly literature regarding their origin and effectiveness. This is the most important part of the paper. Recommendation Clearly identify which option/measure will be recommended and which options/measures will be discounted. Clearly lay out the argument for why that option/measure is better than each of the others. Implementation Write a detailed recommendation for specific steps on how and when to implement the recommended policy option or crime prevention measure. Works Cited You will need to incorporate 5 SCHOLARLY sources for this assignment. Ideally, you will have at least two sources to help strengthen each of your policy or prevention recommendations. You will need to cite all sources used in the paper in a Works Cited page at the end of your paper, in APA Format.

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Ethical Approaches to Criminal Justice | Instant Homework Solutions

In your opinion (please remember this must be fully supported, i.e., you must prove/support your point of view here), can peacemaking, justice, and ethics ever become fully realized? Why or why not? 2.     Compare and contrast Utilitarian and Deontological Approaches to Criminal Justice Ethics. As part of your response state which is the stronger as it regards ethics and policing…and most importantly why.

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Interorganizational Conflict Management | Instant Homework Solutions

Interorganizational conflict occurs in the criminal justice system. Discuss methods that administrators can use to decrease this conflict. Is it inevitable that conflict will always occur in the criminal justice system?

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Criminal Discussions | Instant Homework Solutions

PART 1: Explain the controversy of establishing a court system at the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Your responses must include the major elements of the controversy, the varying viewpoints for the needs for U.S. courts, and the ultimate outcome. Finally, postulate how our criminal justice system would be different today had the Founding Fathers not established the current system in use. It is recommended that your post contain approximately 400 words. PART 2: Carefully examine “How to Read a Research Article” from Section II of your text (Spohn & Hemmens, 2012, pp. 42-45). Using the 10 criteria for review found in the text, prepare a critical analysis of one of the four articles which immediately follow the analyses techniques: “The Process Is the Punishment: Handling Cases in a Lower Criminal Court” (Feeley, 1971, as cited in Spohn & Hemmens, 2012, pp. 46-55); “The Honest Politician’s Guide to Juvenile Justice in the Twenty-First Century” (Feld, 1994, as cited in Spohn & Hemmens, 2012, pp. 55-67); “The Rehnquist Court and Criminal Justice: An Empirical Assessment” (Smith, 2003, as cited in Spohn & Hemmens, 2012, pp. 67-83); or “Wrongful Conviction: Perceptions of Criminal Justice Professionals Regarding the Frequency of Wrongful Conviction and the Extent of System Errors” (Ramsey & Frank, 2007, as cited in Spohn & Hemmens, 2012, pp. 83-107). Your analysis should focus on whether or not you believe that the author provided a persuasive analysis and your reasoning for your conclusion. It is recommended that your post contain approximately 400 words.

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