[Get Solution]Air pollution in India

Write 6-7 page essay on “Air pollution in India”.  you should have professional materials, not just newspaper articles. similarly, websites from organizations that specialize in issues related to pollution, environment, and health are appropriate but personal websites, opinion blogs, things like that are not ok. For more information on Air pollution in India read this:  […]

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[Get Solution]Hite and Seitz

In Chapter 7, “The Environment – Part II,” Hite and Seitz (2016) discuss the existing tension between development and the environment. The development brings economic growth as well as social and environmental changes. To a developing country, economic growth may be of a higher priority than the consequences to the long-term health of its citizens […]

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[Get Solution]Climate Change Adaptation

GEOG/ENVS 600 FINAL EXAM PART 2 – SHORT ESSAYS  INSTRUCTIONS: Choose TWO prompts from the following list and respond to BOTH for the essay portion of your final exam. Aim for about 1 page/500 words for each response. Submit your responses in one document via the Turnitin link in iLearn before Friday, December 18 at 11:59 p.m.  ESSAY […]

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[Get Solution]Global Melting

Topic: Global Melting Read the following article on the melting ice sheets and conduct some additional research on your own. Then, answer the following: Ferris, R. (2016, 19 August). Arctic sea ice is vanishing far faster than anyone thought possible. CNBC. Retrieved from https://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/19/arctic-sea-ice-is-vanishing-far-faster-than-anyone-thought-possible.html In what state or region do you live? Would the melting of glaciers […]

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[Get Solution]Human Population Change

The annual population increase throughout the world is currently 1.2%. This figure is determined by using the world’s birth rate (the number of births per 1,000 people) and death rate (the number of deaths per 1,000 people). While this number may sound small, today’s population will double in just 58 years if it continues to […]

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[Get Solution]Water Quality

Write a 750-1,000-word essay about water quality in your community that addresses the following points: Obtain a water quality report from your local municipality within the last two years and discuss what you found in the report? Identify a water quality issue happening in your community and where the pollution comes from? This includes point […]

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[Get Solution]Environmental Disasters

 It was arduous when building an outline for climate change, yet the experience was extremely educational on what global warming represents in healthcare. The challenges I encountered would be not articulating more to deliver the message I wish to portray efficiently.  Therefore sentences were too simple and required more clarification when providing evidence. The biggest […]

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[Get Solution]Optical Oceanography

A short 200 word summary for ALL OF THE ARTICLES 1.Dudley, J. M., Genty, G., Mussot, A., Chabchoub, A., & Dias, F. (2019). Rogue waves and analogies in optics and oceanography. Nature Reviews Physics, 1(11), 675-689. 2.Gray, A. D., Todd, D., & Hershey, A. E. (2020). The seasonal distribution and concentration of antibiotics in rural streams and […]

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[Get Solution]Electric Vehicles

 Topic:  Are electric vehicles better for the environment? Start your research by reading this article from Forbes magazine: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesellsmoor/2019/05/20/are-electric-vehiclesreally-better-for-the-environment/#5609f23876d2.   Essay Assignment 2:  Documented Argument in APA Your argumentative essay will be on an environmental topic from the list of options below. Consider your audience for this paper to be your peers.  The essay should be […]

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[Get Solution]Pulau Semakau

How is Singapore landfill Pulau Semakau helping its surrounding ecosystem in relation to standard landfills in the United States?  I need two pages of a literature review about the topic decried above.  you will need to describe how is Semakau not a danger to the ecosystem and instead is beneficial, and compare it to a […]

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