Abortion Position Stand

In this assignment, I would like for you to take a position stand on a very sensitive subject: Abortion. You are to consolidate your views on the subject into a one page paper. The paper should be at least one page double spaced using 1 inch margins and 12 point font. Cite any references you use in either APA or MLA at the end of your paper. Please do not fill up the paper with lengthy headers and footers. Please be sure to include: 1. Pro-life, Pro-choice, Undecided? 2. Should the father have a say? 3. How will/may your views affect your role as a health care provider? How will you support a patient whose views differ from your own?

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Policy Development Cycle

signment Content Research and select an emerging health care issue. This can include but is not limited to the following: Opioid crisis Shortages of healthcare professionals Medicare or Social Security funding shortfalls Cost of healthcare A specific disparity in a population group Growing rates of chronic health conditions Cybersecurity issues Healthcare resources for our aging population Suicide rates in children and teens Using the information you’ve learned in the course, discuss how you would design a policy for the health care issue you selected. Remember to take into consideration the various aspects of the policy development cycle and level of implementation (federal, state, or local). Respond: use 100-200 words to respond to each of the following prompts: Why is this issue important? List one possible policy action (or possible solution) that could help address this issue. Make sure your solution is specific. “Take steps to lower healthcare cost” is not specific. “Mandate pricing transparency for all hospitals” is specific. Include two possible advantages and two possible disadvantages of the policy action. What level of government (federal or state, or possibly local) would primarily be responsible for implementation? Which agency or agencies would likely help implement? How would you propose the policy be evaluated? Cite at least 2 reputable references (you will likely need more). Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, a textbook, or other sources of similar quality. Format your responses and references according to APA guidelines. Submit your assignment. Resources  Center for Writing Excellence  Reference and Citation Generator  Grammar and Writing Guides Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Use this space to build your submission. You can add text, images, and files. Add Content Details & Information   Assessment due date 9/15/20, 1:59 AM (CDT)   Goals & standards Aligned with 2 goals   Attempts Unlimited   SafeAssign Originality Report enabled Grading 100 points

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HIV/AIDS Awareness

Two sources and 150 words for: What are some of the medical and sexual health issues that may have to be addressed in treatment, including high risk behaviors for health disorders? How would you go about helping the client to address them? How would you help promote an HIV/AIDS client’s knowledge and skills of positive health and recovery? How would you assist the client in maintaining those skills? USE ONLY SOURCES FROM GOOGLE SCHOLAR Two sources and 125 words for: Clients are often recommended to take medication to support recovery for severe opioid use disorders. Clients may also be prescribed medication for mood or anxiety disorder as treatment for a co-occurring disorder. Clients and some professionals often state taking medication for treatment is replacing one medication for another. Why may medication assisted treatment be important? What are benefits and potential risks for at least two of these medications? What education and resources can you provide? What professionals would you collaborate with to help the client make an informed decision about treatment options to include medication? Review NIDA Commonly Abused medications chart and SAMSHA’s MAT resource in the study materials to inform your discussion. USE ONLY SOURCES FROM GOOGLE SCHOLAR

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World Conference On Social Determinants Of Health Case Study

Provide a short description of the case study:https://www.who.int/sdhconference/resources/draft_background_paper2_usa.pdf?ua=1 1. Which of the three core functions of public health does the study fit into?  2. Which of the essential public health services does it address?  3. How is it addressing a public health problem?

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System Thinking

Discuss systems thinking and how management information systems enables the four key components of system thinking?

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Changes In The Health Care Organizations

Identify and describe 3 changes that are taking place in health care organizations today. How are these changes having an impact on retention, turnover, and recruitment? Describe how organizations are managing these changes (any solutions?). How is technology contributing to these changes? (Utilize at least 3 references other than your book) How has nursing changed since you began your career? Are these changes effective or ineffective? (your opinion, no need for references) Use APA format

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The History Of Quality Improvement Programs

1. Explain the historical evolution of healthcare quality improvement programs. Provide a timeline  Give examples 2. Examine the performance challenges, healthcare reform efforts, and the need for cost containment contributed to this development. What has worked and what has not? What has required legislative and regulatory support? What have been the impacts on cost and access? 3. Select the areas most important to improve quality and create performance targets and explain why.What area(s) still need the most improvement? Why? How do you measure/monitor these items?

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Liver Disease

Instructions:  Read the scenario below and compile a professional case study summary based on the questions found below the case study: A 44-year-old man is concerned about abnormal liver tests drawn for his pre-employment physical 6 months ago. his serum aminotransferase levels were two times normal at that time and remain unchanged after repeat testing. On further questioning, he denies regular alcohol use but states that he used to inject heroin. Currently, he reports some fatigue but says he feels well otherwise. His primary care physician order serologic testing, which reveals HBsAg-positive, anti-HBs-negative, and anti-HBc-positive IgG. Anti-HDV and anti-HCV test results are both negative.  Based on these antigen and antibody test results, with is the patient’s diagnosis?  What percentage of patients with acute hepatitis B remain chronically infected with HBV?  Of those patients, how many develop the chronic active disease?  What are the significant complications of chronic active infection?  Is there a true “cure,” explain why/why not?

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Scientific Method

I have to do a meta-analysis on the Development of facial EMG sensors for management of neurological disease and emotion studies. I have to collect similar studies on facial muscles and EMG measurements and compare the studies using statistical analysis such as ANOVA, funnel plot and forest plot. (master’s level

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Housing in the United Kingdom

essay question: Discuss the main causes of the current housing crisis in London and the UK

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