[Get Solution]Personal Effort

All About the Summary SectionThe next step to building up your Executive Presence in your LinkedIn profile is to create an engaging and informative summary. Your summary goes below your picture and headline, in the section titled About. Your goal here is to describe your key skills and talents in a compelling way that will […]

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[Get Solution]Virginia Meats

Using the memo template prepare a memo to CEO CHINN that describes how you envision the future Virginia Meats workplace.How the use of automation will affect the employees and their work experience.The organizational structure of the company (the types of jobs and the flow of power).The actual work environment (physical vs. virtual) and the type […]

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[Get Solution]A Groups Behavior

Think about a group that you are a member of at work or in your social life. This could be a group that you are currently a member or from the past.What type of group/team is/was it and how many members are/were in the group?Describe the groups stage of development currently or when you left […]

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[Get Solution]Shark Tank

Winning Buy-inScenario: You are a budding entrepreneur with a great idea, and you want to pitch it on the TV show “Shark Tank.” Your product or service should be something the Sharks want to sink their teeth into.Create a 1-2 minute pitch of your idea, using the approaches described in the Weekly Materials. For this […]

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[Get Solution]Treatment Planning

This weeks discussion is on the topic you choose from Chapter 14 of our text. Please provide the topic, the page references and a brief summary of why you chose this particular topic.Topics and page numbers that need to be includesMultiple Applications of Skill Integration: 352Referral, 352-353Treatment Planning, 353Case Management, 354Relapse Prevention 356-357     […]

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[Get Solution]A policy Perspective

Step 8: Identify CountermeasuresNow that you have assessed your organization’s vulnerability, you areready to identify possible countermeasures. Identify specificcountermeasures that will address the vulnerabilities/threats to yourorganization that you summarized in the previous step.Review best practices as well as any published mitigations for thespecific weaknesses identified. Include both cyber defenses and, asappropriate and legal in the […]

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[Get Solution]Organization Trauma-Informed

Compare and contrast a trauma-informed organization with your organization (or a previous organization). Is your organization trauma-informed?Do you think organizations should be trauma-informed? Why or why not?As an OD consultant, what would be your first two steps/recommendations in assisting an organization with the cultural change of becoming “trauma-informed”? Explain your rationale.         […]

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[Get Solution]Manager Training Program

Case Incident: Chapter 1 – Beer Ambassadors1. What makes training strategic? Is the training that employees receive at the Beer Store strategic? Why, or why not? Please explain your answer (6 marks).2. Discuss the instructional systems design (ISD) model of training and development in relation to the training being provided to employees at the Beer […]

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[Get Solution]Managerial Work

Article Assignment 2 (25 Points Total—5% of Your Grade)InstructionsSince the TAMUC library databases no longer permit you access to the particular journal that the following article is in, I have uploaded the article entitled “What Managers Do? A Critical Review of the Evidence” written by Colin P. Hales in 1986 under the “Course Materials” content […]

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[Get Solution]Sustainable Strategies

Individual Assignment 3 Sustainable Strategies (BMME085) M.Sc. Strategic Management Academic Year 2020-2021 Ensure that: a) your assignment contains your name, exam number, and email address (otherwise the assignmentwill not be checked!); b) you use font type Times New Roman (12 points); c) you use spacing of 1.15 and margins of 2.5 cm; and d) the […]

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