[Get Solution]Color Words

What do you think would happen if the color words were printed in a language that you did not understand; would you show a longer response time due to interference?         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got you covered. Get your paper proofread, edited or written from scratch within […]

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[Get Solution]Comprehesive Plan of Action

Compose an executive briefing of the policy HSPD:11—Ceasing United States Participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and Taking Additional Action to Counter Iran’s Malign Influence and Deny Iran All Paths to a Nuclear Weapon. Should contain the following. . . Identification of the legal basis of the policy; Fully performing the task assigned; […]

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[Get Solution]English as a Global Language

essay about English as a global language. must include some references from David Crystal         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got you covered. Get your paper proofread, edited or written from scratch within the tight deadline.

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[Get Solution]Deceptive language in advertising/business/politics, doublespeak

MUST USE THESE 2 SOURCES:  Lutz, William. Doublespeak. Reprint, Ig Publishing (Rebel Reads), 2016 Oesch, Nathan. “Deception as a Derived Function of Language.” Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 7, 2016. Crossref, doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.01485. For this final argument, you will select one specific subject that greatly interests and also has a sizable amount of public interest, about which […]

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[Get Solution]Second-language Accents

One of the main reasons people have second-language accents is because of a misalignment in the sound systems of their first and second languages. If two languages have very similar sounds, like Spanish and Portuguese, speakers can sound native-like with relative ease. If two languages have very different sound systems, speakers have to learn to […]

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Language of Deception | Instant Homework Solutions

MUST USE THESE 2 SOURCES:  Lutz, William. Doublespeak. Reprint, Ig Publishing (Rebel Reads), 2016 Oesch, Nathan. “Deception as a Derived Function of Language.” Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 7, 2016. Crossref, doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.01485. For this final argument, you will select one specific subject that greatly interests and also has a sizable amount of public interest, about which you will develop a well-researched, well-written, and ultimately, convincing argument. You can choose any subject you wish, but I would highly recommend narrowing down your subject to a specific aspect of a broader topic that might currently be being debated, which you can approach in a more substantive manner. I would also urge you to pick a subject you have a real interest in, as it will make for a much more rewarding experience for you, and undoubtedly a more compelling argument. It may also be a topic in which you have personal expertise, but it does not have to be. You will need to get pre-approval on your specific topic several weeks prior to the date it will be due. You will also be asked to submit an outline and preliminary sources at a midway point in your research. This lengthier argument piece will employ skills typically used for a research paper, incorporating MLA style sourcing using citations in a bibliography. However, because this should also be able to be read as a stand-alone piece, you will need to make clear the points you are making and support you are presenting in your argument in the piece itself, rather than relying on the readers to go to the source material for edification. Your research, of course, will include secondary sources, using the library and the Internet, and, should also include primary research, meaning the inclusion of your own experiences and positions on your topic, as well as others you may choose to interview. For this second-person perspective, you will want to seek out both experts and everyday people who have something to say or at stake in regard to whatever topic you’ve chosen. Like you, they will be able to weigh in and provide their insights and opinions. MUST USE IN TEXT CITATIONS

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Language Development | Instant Homework Solutions

Select a hypothesis that are listed below. Find 4-6 scholarly articles that either support or refute this hypothesis and determine/discuss the validity of your chosen hypothesis. IT MUST BE RELATED TO LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT, but can be at any age. HYPOTHESES SUGGESTIONS: Children can learn an infinite number of languages simultaneously without negative impact on development. First born children speak sooner than subsequent children Children with older siblings learn language more rapidly than children without older siblings. Children with older siblings speak later than children without older siblings Girls develop language skills faster than boys Watching TV inhibits the development of play skills Watching TV improves vocabulary development Children who are home with a parent develop superior language skills as compared t children in day care. Computer based Applications are effective on increasing vocabulary development The use of computer functions such as texting, spell check and grammar check cause a decrease in literacy development.  you can modify these if you like (if you do, please approve by me first) The essay should be double spaced and use APA citations.  Articles must be SCHOLARLY.  Web pages are not acceptable. Submissions should be approximately 2 pages in length (can be longer) . 

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Language Mind and the Brain | Instant Homework Solutions

PICK ONE OF THOSE PROMPTS, Write a 2-3 page piece with properly cited (5) APA references.  (1) An impossible language as discussed by Moro is when rules in the language make reference to linear order. For example, no known language makes use of a question-formation rule referring to the n-th word in a sequence and defining some operation over it. John ate apples and oranges. –> Move third word to the front to form a yes-no question. Apples John ate and oranges? –> ‘Did John eat apples and oranges?’ Based on this hypothesis, Andrea Moro ran brain-imaging experiments teaching monolingual German speakers (actual) Italian as well as an artificially-modified version of Italian that included rules making reference to linear order. Discuss his results and what the results mean to our theory of human language and the search for language universals. (2) Is language a component of general human cognition? Why or why not? What do the studies of abnormal brains and various cognitive deficiencies tell us about this debate? (3) Sentences like ‘Mary saw the girl with the telescope.’ and ‘The guy who fixed the car carefully packed his tools.’ are ambiguous and can be assigned more than one meaning. What are these meanings and how do they arise? What are the implications of your answer to the first question on the distinction between inner representations of language and its outer, externalized form? (4) Describe the Principles and Parameters approach to the study of human language. Then consider the following sentences. English:  What do you think John ate? German:  Was glaubst du  wovon   sie  träumt? what believe you what-of she dreams ‘What do you believe that she dreams of?’ Child speech:  What did Daddy eat what? What does the Principles and Parameters approach tell us about how a child acquires language based on the above sentences?

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Bilingualism Advantage and Disadvantage | Instant Homework Solutions

Bilingualism is a controversial topic, causing heated debate between English and non-English communities. While some praise the advantages of bilingualism, others decry the adverse effects of bilingualism for non-English speaking public and children and language minorities.  Select an article of your choice in support or against bilingualism and critique the primary source based on our viewpoints and three or more sources, two of which should be academic. The essay length should be 700-900 words according to APA formatting requirements. You could use the same guidelines as suggested for the first critical review.

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Minority Dialects | Instant Homework Solutions

Second Response Paper: Minority Dialects (Draw from all we have learned this semester):   Select a passage or passages from a contemporary Chicano(a) or African-American writer and detail how and why that writer incorporates ‘dialect’ within the narrative. Some issues within that choice, which you might consider, include responding to how and why his or her use of dialect deviates from Standard American English (SAE), how does that choice determine the significance for the reader who knows that dialect, and how does that use affect the meaning of the text and the significance for the “white” reader who knows only SAE and not the dialect used in the text? You don’t need to answer all them, certainly, but consider them as ways through the assignment so that your reader is faced with more than a description of the text.   —Length: 3+ pages    —Documentation: Incorporate at least two sources into the paper, preferably from scholarly journals, in an attempt to buttress your claims. You may also include interviews from magazines or other publications, but be sure to consider their legitimacy (i.e. Are they mainstream publications? Are they peer-reviewed scholarly journals, etc). Wikipedia or other such referencing materials do not count as secondary sources.   —Style: MLA or APA (double spaced) Save your work as a DOC and PDF file. Submit both files—the DOC and PDF—at the same time. You will submit two attachments together. You must also submit a copy of your tutored doc (in the form of a DOC file with tutor comment bubbles or as a PDF with tutor markings).  There will be a10pt deduction if this is not included.

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