[Get Solution]Jazz

Write a 6 paragraph essay describing the history of jazz from its origins through the present day. Your essay must consist of each of the eras studied replete with examples of musicians, seminal albums, and groups of consequence for each era. Paragraphs must be at least five sentences long. For more information on Jazz read […]

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[Get Solution]Renee Rosnes Quintet

The song is black holes by the Renee Rosnes Quintet  Contemporary jazz reflects both its past and the current music scene in general. Some artists are more traditional and are attached to older styles, while others stretch jazz to a place that is not necessarily even recognizable to many as jazz. R&B styles and musical […]

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[Get Solution]Rap

Choose one of the following subgenres: disco, punk, reggae, salsa, or rap. Write about how that genre has evolved in the past 40+ years.  Are there new artists making music in that style? Do people still attend concerts of that musical genre? What age group does that genre draw? Use specific and personal examples. Research […]

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[Get Solution]Flow

Directions: Answer all three questions as indicated. Questions: 1. In your own words, define ‘flow’ as it relates to hip hop. Is there a specific rapper who’s flow you particularly like? What about their flow is appealing to you? (at least 150 words) 2. Adam Krim suggests three categories of flow which he calls “Sung […]

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[Get Solution]The Enlightenment

Watch the following video below about the enlightenment which crosses from the end of the baroque into the classical period. Find and discuss two major figures as well as two influential ideas that came from the Enlightenment era and how it impacted society.  Watch the video first: https://youtu.be/NnoFj2cMRLY         So much stress and […]

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[Get Solution]Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll have evolved to be a platform for many controversial topics in music and in the world. One of the most controversial is an audience and their perception of sex and its interpretation through the use of music. Older generations believe Rock and Roll is corrupting the youth in promoting sex and the […]

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[Get Solution]20th-Century Classical Piece

The assignment is for the 20th-century classical piece of your choice.  In other words, a piece that is written for orchestra, choir, or a chamber ensemble.  Jazz music or rock music does not fit for this assignment – Jazz is the focus for assignment #7, and rock music between 1950-1970 is assignment #8.   Please […]

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[Get Solution]Use of Musical Form in Compositional Process

Discuss the use of musical form in the compositional process in the classical period. Include examples of specific forms, what they consist of, and representative composers and compositions that reflect these forms. Pages 10-12 in the assigned reading for this module cover musical form in the period. This assignment should be a minimum of 250 words […]

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[Get Solution]VfX in music video

I’m a MA Vfx (visual effect) student and this is my final major thesis.  My topic will be around the role and importance of visual effects for trending music vdeo. For a singer, the quality of music works is important, but a good visual presentation will make the audience more immersive and improve the quality […]

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[Get Solution]Listening Assignment

Listening AssignmentTo complete this assignment you must choose a listening selection from Section 1: Basic Musical Concepts (any of the classes from “Unity and Variety” up to and including “Folk Music, Art Music, and All That Jazz”), and write a two-paragraph summary.NOTE: You may use any piece EXCEPT See Here the Conqu’ring Hero Comes.Your summary […]

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