Technology for Competitive Differentiation Milestone Three

Overview: For the third milestone of your final project, you will evaluate current business operations for opportunities to utilize project management, technology, and project management tools along with other techniques to reduce costs, increase production, incorporate sustainability principles, and deliver consistently superior products and services using quantitative tools and techniques. Prompt: To finalize this analysis, […]

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John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

  John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success Wooden on LeadershipIn the current business world, managing a project team is commonplace. This assignment will use John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, its different facets, and how it relates to leading and managing project teams. The pyramid interaction works best with Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. You’ll also refer […]

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Strategic Approaches to Competitive Advantages

In Strategic Approaches to Competitive Advantages assignment, Write a 500-word (two page) paper using current APA formatting. Include the following in Strategic Approaches to Competitive Advantages Assignment: Explain, briefly, the three strategic approaches to competitive advantages.Provide an overview of your selected company.Discuss which strategic approach your selected company uses and why they use that approach.Include […]

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Airport Service Gantt Chart

Operations managers use many techniques such as Gantt Chart to solve problems. Some of these techniques are graphical and can be solved using software tools and programs. Before you start this activity, review the Excel for Operations Management Software page. You will use Excel to solve real-life problems encountered by operations managers. Critical Questions before […]

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Building a Decision Tree

Building a Decision Tree: A decision tree can be used to determine the best possible alternatives and potential payoff for a new product or solving other management problems where uncertainty is present. Your task involves building a decision tree based on the following scenario. OM, Inc., a manufacturer of widgets, is considering the possibility of […]

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Project Scope Management and Statement

Project Scope Management and Statement Action 1: Scope Management in Project Scope Management and Statement. Using the Scope Management Plan template from the Project Managers Book of Forms (or alternative template of your choice located by your own research), create within your team a simple one-page scope management plan that succinctly outlines your strategy for […]

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Total Quality Management

Assignment: Total Quality Management The tools of Total Quality Management are important to not only this class but to your future career. These tools a can be used to uncover quality problems at your company. For Total Quality Management discussion, you will be assigned to one of the seven TQM tools. Analyze your assigned tool […]

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Case Study Analysis in Project Management

2 Journal: Case Study Analysis in Project Management Instructions: The use of case study analysis gives you an opportunity to see project management in action. Case study analysis takes abstract methodologies and puts them into practice. In this assignment, you will analyze the case study that will be used for your final project: a program […]

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Earned Value System

Earned Value System in Project Management Many project managers employ an earned value system to monitor their projects. In Project Management: The Managerial Process, Larson and Gray (2014) define the earned value of a project as “the percent complete times its original budget. Stated differently, EV [earned value] is the percent of the original budget […]

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Theory of Leadership

2 Final Project Milestone Three: Theory of Leadership Theory of Leadership: In Milestone One, you completed Part I of the final project by reviewing and critiquing leadership theories. In Milestone Two, you developed a personal leadership theory and completed Section I of Part II. In this milestone, you will complete Section II of Part II […]

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