[Get Solution]Apostle Paul

Write a 1000 word paper on how the effect that Apostle Paul had on the Roman Church in the 1st Century. 1) Must use this book as the main source – “Paul: In Fresh Perspective” by N.T. Wright 2) Must have page numbers when using quotes from this source. 3) Can use other sources but […]

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[Get Solution]Biblical Prophecy

 3. Prophecy is an important topic which runs through most the Hebrew Bible). What is Biblical prophecy? When does it first appear? Is it all the same? Is Amos a prophet? How so? How not? Do we learn anything about prophecy from the ancient Near East?  4. What is Wisdom Literature? What is the relationship […]

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[Get Solution]Buddhism

Word Count: 600-1200 words Assignment: Trace the development of Buddhism through the arts in at least three Asian cultures we have covered in the course. You may choose artistic works from India, China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. Requirements: Write an essay informal, objective voice for academic writing. (Avoid 1st and 2nd person) Include at […]

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[Get Solution]Pain

Appendix G – Spiritual / Praying Give examples Cite resources Give the questions some thought and answer honestly Number your answers to correspond with the question Questions: Describe a time spirituality was important in your life or that of someone you love or cared for (e.g., family member, friend, patient). Why was it meaningful in […]

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[Get Solution]Christian Spirituality

Define Christian Spirituality For more information on Christian Spirituality read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_mysticism         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got you covered. Get your paper proofread, edited or written from scratch within the tight deadline.

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[Get Solution]New Testament

 250 WORD MIN FOR EACH PAPER, TWO scholarly SOURCES FOR EACH, APA FORMAT PAPER #1 What is the common English translation of the Latin phrase given in the title of Unit Three Discussion?    Where is this phrase found in the New Testament? This Latin phrase is sometimes displayed on university buildings. Are there any other […]

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[Get Solution]Gospel of John and the Synoptic Gospels

Discuss the following in an essay format of at least 1,000 words and using at least three scholarly sources: What are some of the major differences between the Gospel of John and the Synoptic Gospels? How does John’s use of the Greek term logos connect Jesus with the creation account of Genesis 1 as well […]

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[Get Solution]Ancient Polythesitic Religions

I need an Analytical research paper on how ancient polytheistic religions influenced modern-day Wicca. If at all possible can you use at least one of these sources. https://www.patheos.com/library/pagan  https://esotericlibrary.weebly.com/uploads/5/0/7/7/5077636/drawing_down_the_moon_-_margot_adler.pdf         So much stress and so little time? We’ve got you covered. Get your paper proofread, edited or written from scratch within the […]

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[Get Solution]Worship Leader

You will write a 30–40-page research paper in current Turabian format that focuses on the 2 broad areas of preparation for worship leaders dealt with during this course: personal equipping and professional engagement. Each of these two areas must include an analysis of how the biblical, historical, philosophical, leadership, and ministry dimensions for preparation apply […]

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[Get Solution]The Trap

 In approaching this assignment, you should review Keller’s chapter 11, titled “The Trap,” and reflect on his insight that Jesus is the ultimate Rich Young Ruler. Write an initial post in which you push Keller’s insight a little further by answering the question “What does Jesus care about with regard to a person’s money? How […]

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