Combating International Crimes

Combating International Crimes This term paper will involve an analysis of ways to combat international crimes. This will allow you to look at a specific international crime in detail. It will allow you to evaluate the magnitude of the problems (justice issues- including ICC challenges) involved and to develop strategies to combat those crimes. Specifically, […]

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Leadership Approaches

Leadership Approaches Part 1: Leadership Approaches – Comparative Essay  (W1LO1) (CLO1) Directions: Submit a 3 – 5 paragraph/500-word minimum comparative, analytical essay. Compare and contrast servant, transactional, and transformational leadership aproaches. Use the Basic Writing Elements model provided in the course Resources and include evidence from the readings and lectures to support your analysis. Consider […]

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Treatment Programs Evaluation

Treatment Programs Evaluation Hi I am in my first year of college and need a paper written for my Alternatives to Incarceration class. The paper will need to be 100% PLAGIARISM FREE!!!! Plagiarism report will be needed when essay is due. These are my professors exact instructions.M4 Written Assignment: Treatment ProgramsYou are the commissioner of […]

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Critical-thinking Skills Address the following in a 3- to 4-page essay, demonstrating your critical-thinking skills: Discuss Warren Buffett’s approach to business dealings, especially as they relate to business ethics. Compare that approach to Bernie Madoff’s. Apply ethical philosophies that you have learned about in this Module and state which you think apply to Mr. Buffett. […]

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Physician-assisted Suicide

Physician-assisted Suicide The Right-To-Die Movement Healthy dying” has become a more prominent issue in the U.S., especially when the New York Times published an article about a woman named Jo Roman, a 62-year-old artist with terminal cancer who took her own life with an overdose of medication after gathering close friends around her for a […]

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Nature of God

Nature of God Develop a timeline showing the historical relationship among Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Choose one element from: the nature of god, nature of Jesus, holy books or salvation. Analyze your chosen element showing similarities and differences among the three religions and use examples. Examine at least 2 challenges that affect all three religions […]

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Styles of Leadership

Styles of Leadership For this assignment, you will use the following case study. Vandaveer, V. V. (2012). Dyadic team development across cultures: A case study. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 64(4), 279–294.  Given this scenario, include the following topics: Explain how culture can affect perceptions of team members in a group. Discuss strategies for […]

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Personal Values Assessment

Personal Values Assessment Your Personal Power Read the following scenario. A former City of Arizona colleague sets up a consulting business and approaches you for a letter of reference. He submits a draft document, which makes mention of several projects for which he is taking credit. You know that he was a minor player in […]

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Work Ethics

  Work Ethics You are the manager of a hotel who applies Work Ethics where a group of college students has rented various rooms in the hotel. Later that night many of the college students become rowdy and other guests are complaining. It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, […]

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Scenario-Based Case Study

Scenario-Based Case Study You have completed seven parts on your recommendations for the scenario-based case study and are now completing the final assignment for your project, which is your final submission. Be sure to apply any of the professor’s recommended corrections to the previous sections before submitting the final report in this unit. Section I […]

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