Create Your Own Religion

Create Your Own Religion What does it take for a religion to be successful? How do we measure success in this context? What factors must a New Religious Movement take into consideration as it becomes established? In this project, you will attempt to answer these questions by creating your own global religion. You may go in any direction you’d like. You can create a completely new tradition (i.e.: “Worldtradecenterism,” which envisions a new religion that began on 9/11) or you could show how existing religions adapt to cultural encounters, new ideas, and modern technologies (i.e.: “Cyber-Judaism”). Requirements Paper: Your papers should focus on the following aspects of your religion a) its symbols and beliefs; b) concept of God and/or sacred founders; c) rituals and worship; d) organization and community. You should also show how your religion is global, compare it with an existing religion, and analyze it using ideas from lectures and readings. The paper should be 2-4 double-spaced pages.

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Create Your Own Religion
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