Current Social Problems

Current Social Problems

Address the following items in a 3-4 page paper: Describe a current social problem. How might this problem be incongruent with social work values/ethics?

-How/when has this problem been identified historically, and what were the actions taken to address this concern?

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Current Social Problems
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-How have the groups affected by this concern changed over time?
-Describe the policy area related to this social problem.
-Is the policy identified by your group dictated by local, state, or federal statute—or a combination thereof?


-What are the different aspects of the policy?
-How long has the current policy been in place?
-Who supports and who opposes the policy?
-What changes/amendments have been made to the policy?
-Explain how this policy affects clients you might see in a clinical setting and why, as a clinical social worker, it would be important to advocate for change.



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