Environmental Geology Discussion

Provide short paragraph-style answer for the discussion topic outlined below. Include references for all resources that you use. This assignments focus on the definition for Environmental Geology. Environmental geology is the interaction of humans with the geological environment. The geologic environment includes not only the physical constituents of the Earth – its rocks, sediments, soils and fluids – but also the surface of the Earth, its landforms, and in particular the processes which operate to change it through time. This environment is both a resource and a hazard to human development, and is essential to life. Discussion Topic: Identify a Common Resource Objective: Humans rely on natural resources to survive. Identify a common resource used by many people (such as the Ogallala aquifer in west Texas, potatoes from Idaho, or tin exported from Russia). Explain why the resource is currently available when used by many people. Comment on what prevents depletion of the resource despite its use and consumption. Can you saying anything about the influence of Cultural and Environment Awareness, or Global Perspectives on the Sustainability of the resource. Why did you choose the resource you did?

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Environmental Geology Discussion
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