Expected Dividend Yield Assignment | Solution

Expected Dividend Yield Assignment | Solution

Goodwin Technologies, a relatively young company, has been wildly successful but has yet to pay a dividend. An analyst forecasts that Goodwin is likely to pay its first dividend three years from now. She expects Goodwin to pay a $5.5000 dividend at that time (D3 = $5.5000) and believes that the dividend will grow by 28.60% for the following two years (D4 and Ds). However, after the fifth year, she expects Goodwin’s dividend to grow at a constant rate of 4.38% per year.

Goodwin’s required return is 14.60%. Fill in the following chart to determine Goodwin’s horizon value at the horizon date-when constant growth begins-and the current intrinsic value. To increase the accuracy of your calculations, carry the dividend values to four decimal places.

Value Term

Horizon value

Current Intrinsic value

If investors expect a total return of 15.60%, what will be Goodwin’s expected dividend and capital gains yield in two years—that is, the year before the firm begins paying dividends? Again, remember to carry out the dividend values to four decimal places. (Hint: You are at year 2, and the first dividend is expected to be paid at the end of the year. Find DY3 and CGY3.)

Expected dividend yield (DY3)

Expected capital gains yield (CGY3)

Goodwin has been very successful, but it hasn’t paid a dividend yet. It circulates a report to its key investors containing the following statement: Goodwin has a large selection of profitable investment opportunities, Is this statement a possible explanation for why the firm hasn’t paid a dividend yet?


O No.


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