Federal Rental Assistance

post your initial response to the following questions: 1. While gross income, citizenship, and family size are all a part of eligibility criteria, the people who get rental assistance are ultimately determined by a lottery. What are your thoughts on a lottery system? Does it ensure that those who are most in need get assistance? Can you think of an alternative option to a lottery? 2. Programs like the FRA have lifted millions out of deep poverty, showing these programs do have an impact on children and their families. Why do you think Congress has made major cuts to housing assistance recently? 3. The CARES Act eviction moratorium ends on July 24th 2020. If it does not get extended, landlords have the right charge a penalty or evict families if they fail to pay their rent. Given that we do not know how long the pandemic, and subsequent high unemployment rates will last, what do you suggest Congress do to both support families with renting assistance but also not further damage the economy by defaulting rent payments?

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Federal Rental Assistance
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