Field of Addictions

Week 1Assignment: Significant Events in the Field of Addictions The history of the field of addictions brings to mind the idiom all or nothing.

In earlier times, moderation appeared to have few proponents. The pilgrims in the United States widely accepted drinking as healthy.

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Field of Addictions
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By the early 1800s, clergymen ushered in the temperance movement, which stigmatized drinkers as corrupt.

Acceptability of practices such as drinking is one aspect of significance in the field of addictions that has evolved over time. Other considerations include types of addictions, treatment, intervention, and populations engaging in addictive behavior.

Familiarity with historical events in the field of addictions provides addictions professionals with a foundation for understanding emerging trends.

To prepare for this Assignment, read the following articles from the Learning Resources: A Political History of Federal Mental Health and Addiction Insurance Parity

2010: U.S. Drug and Alcohol Policy, Looking Back and Moving Forward” Optional readings as you see necessary By Day 7 Submit a 2- to 4-page paper that includes the following:

Describe two historical events that you believe contributed most to the field of addictions.

Explain the contribution of each event to the contemporary field of addictions.

Explain why you chose each event as being one of the most significant. Research two websites dedicated to some aspect of the field of addictions (see Learning Resources for ideas).

Analyze 2-3 trends that emerged from your review. Cite the sources you used following APA guidelines.


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