GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs

GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs Permalink: https://nursingpaperessays.com/ gcu-psy-228-soci…gy-unit-1-4-mcqs / ? You must proofread your paper. But do not strictly rely on your computer’s spell-checker and grammar-checker; failure to do so indicates a lack of effort on your part and you can expect your grade to suffer accordingly. Papers with numerous misspelled words and grammatical mistakes will be penalized. Read over your paper – in silence and then aloud – before handing it in and make corrections as necessary. Often it is advantageous to have a friend proofread your paper for obvious errors. Handwritten corrections are preferable to uncorrected mistakes. PSY 228 Social Psychology Text: Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives Second Edition, 2011 ISBN-10: 0-205-66106-8 Autnoris). David E. Rohall, Melissa A. Milkie and Jeffrey W. Lucas Publisher: Pearson Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) 1. Which early sociologist emphasized the role of society in the development of the self? George Herbert Mead Karl Marx Georg Simmel Herbert Blumer 2 Which sociological social psychology perspective emphasizes the role of meaning and the social construction of meaning in the study of social psychology? symbolic interaction social structure and personality group processes structural functionalism 3 Which sociological social psychology perspective is likely to emphasize the importance of roles and statuses in the study of social psychology? symbolic interaction social structure and personality group processes structural functionalism 4 Which sociological social psychology perspective is likely to emphasize the importance of interactions within groups? symbolic interaction social structure and personal ity group processes structural fu nctional ism 5. The sociological imagination is associated with which social theorist? Emile Durkheim Max Weber C. Wright Mills Auguste Comte 6. The expectation to look someone in the eye when talking with them refers to a _ norm role value belief 7 Derek’s job as a supervisor refers to his relative in the company while the expectations for how to behave on the job refers to his _ role; status job; role status; role status; job 8. Which institution regulates sexual relations and child-rearing in society? economy and work politics family religion 9. Which institution refers to the rituals and beliefs regarding sacred things? economy and work politics family religion 10 Franklin did not think much about how the economy or society affects his life until he lost his job. Franklin’s internal processesing of his job loss best represents which principle from the social structure and personality perspective? components principle proximity principle propinquity principle psychology principle 11. After Donna cheated on her most recent exam, she starts to feel a sense of guilt, making her reconsider whether she wants to do it again. Donna’s feelings of guilt can be considered a ______ , according to the social structure and personality perspective, leading her to rethink her future behaviors. social more social norm social force social fear GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs 12. Which of the following is considered a major dimension of group processes? power justice legitimacy All of the above. 13 Janelle wants to study how and why some people are able to tell other people what to do while others can not. What aspect of group processes is she studying? power status iustice legitimacy 14. What social psychologist is most associated with the concepts of dyads and triads? Emile Durkheim August Comte Herbert Blumer Georg Simmel 15. The difference between dyads and triads is important because: moving from a dyad to a triad exponentially increases the number of relationships available in an interaction. moving from a dyad to a triad decreases the amount of intimacy possible in a group. moving from a dyad to a triad exponentially decreases the number of relationships available in an interaction. both a and b 16. A group of friends getting together for dinner represents a group while a group of people at your work represents a group. reference; pri mary primary; reference primary; secondary secondary; reference 17 Bob goes to the beach on a hot summer day and is surprised when he observes a group of people dressed in formal wear sitting in beach chairs amongst sunbathers. Bob was surprised because the did not meet his expectations for that situation. situation social scripts frame All of the above. 18. require the researcher to weigh individual items differently. Indices Scales both a and b None of the above. 19. Which of the following methods is MOST likely to show causation? ethnography focus group survey experiment GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs 20 An instructor developed a study to determine ways of producing more participation in his classes. In one class she provided free donuts everyday of class while in another she gave them nothing. She had her assistant takes notes on the number of comments and questions students made in each class. Which of these classes represent the control group? the class not given the donuts the class given the donuts other classes that are not part of the experiment both classes would be considered the control group 21. developed the field of operant conditioning; much of his work relied on experiments using rats and pigeons. Carl Jung B.F. Skinner Sigmund Freud Joseph Berger 22 At what step in the research process does the researcher employ the library and other resources and conduct a literature review? step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 23. At what step in the research process does the researcher actually go out and collect data? step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 24 Research conducted by interviews, participant observations and ethnographies is referred to as what kind of research? quantitative qualitative breeching experimental 25 Social scientists must always be concerned with and to accurately capture the phenomena in question. truth and rei iabi I ity reliability and validity truth and validity probability and validity GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) 1 How does Kohn and Schooler’s model of status attainment link economic status, job characteristics and personal ity? People with lower economic status tend to find work in jobs that have more supervision. People with lower economic status tend to find work in jobs that require less intellectual flexibility. People with less intellectual flexibility tend to seek jobs that are routinized. All of the above. 2 Bradley, a student at Big U, regularly seeks advice from his professor and mentor, Janet. According to exchange theory, what kind of exchange is most likely motivating Janet to stay in this relationship? a direct exchange a reciprocal exchange a generalized exchange All of the above. 3 What was being exchanged among crew members and the captain in George Homan’s research about exchange processes on small warships? support caring listening All of the above. 4 Who gets the most status in groups based on Bales’ research in social exchanges in small groups? Those who are perceived as the best managers. Those who are perceived as being the smartest. Those who contribute the most to the group. Those who listen and care the most for the other members. 5. Which of the following best reflects a task group used to study status processes in groups? A group of students at a class lecture. A group of people waiting in line to pay at a store. A group of citizens meeting to resolve a local problem. All of the above. 6. Why are weak ties so important for finding work? People with whom we have weak ties live and work in circles outside our own. People with whom we have weak ties tend to have better jobs. People with whom we have weak ties aren’t biased against us in the job market. People with whom we have weak ties provide training in getting better jobs. 7. According to status characteristics theory, gender, race and education levels are examples of diffuse status characteristics specific status characteristics roles class positions 8. According to status characteristics theory, skill at playing basketball would be considered diffuse status characteristics specific status characteristics roles class positions 9. People are aware of the status hierarchies that dove lop in task-oriented group:>. almost always usually not always None of the above. 10. Which theorist is most associated with impression management? Auguste Comte Emile Durkheim Herbert Blumer Erving Goffman 11 According to dramaturgical sociology, what area of identity is associated with hanging out with friends while watching television? front stage back stage performance stage informal groups 12. A first date would most likely be associated with what area of identity? front stage back stage performance stage informal groups GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs 13. Spencer Cahill’s research on “bathroom behavior” clearly showed that _ people act very differently in bathrooms than other areas of life there are rules and norms about behavior in bathrooms people use bathrooms to “retire” from their front stage presentations All of the above. 14. Which of the following has the strongest impact on self-esteem? social comparisons reflected appraisals psychological central ity self-perceptions 15. are observations of our behavior and its consequences. Reflected appraisals Self-percentions Social comparisons Psychological centrality 16. What is the best way to build a child’s sense of mastery or efficacy? personal accomplishments vicarious experience verbal persuasion emotional arousal 17 Rosenberg’s early research on mattering found it positively related to and negatively related to _ self-esteem; alcoholism depression; self-esteem self-esteem; depression mastery; depression 18. Given research and theory in life-course sociology, which of the following groups are most likely to be negatively affected by Hurricane Katrina? a poor White family who survived the storm together a poor African-American family who survived the storm together a middle-class White man who lost his income and had no access to family or friends during the event a middle-class African-American family who survived the storm together 19 Tony and Rose both received word that they were called up for active duty in the military out of the reserve component of the forces. Tony is several years older with a wife and child while Rose is just finishing college. Which dimension of life course sociology best explains why Tony is more likely to be affected by the mobilization than Rose? historical context social timing linked lives agency 20. Which of the following is NOT considered a primary agent of socialization? family peers schools government 21. Elder’s study of the Great Depression generally showed that _ all children were negatively affected by growing up in the Great Depression only children growing up in poverty were affected by the Great Depression the Great Depression had the strongest impact on children’s lives by changing family roles both band c 22 Kohn’s work on class socialization generally showed that middle-class families tend to stress ______ while working-class families emphasize in raising their children. autonomy: conformity conformity, freedom freedom, independence conformity: autonomy GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs 23. Rosenthal and Jacobson’s study of classroom interaction is important because: it showed that children are taught to be racist in the classroom. it showed that 10 scores could be manipulated based on a group prejudice. it showed that children’s 10 scores were not linked to race at all. it showed that racist beliefs and values exist in every classroom. 24 Which of the following groups are most prevalent in American schools based on Adler and Adler’s research on peer culture? the popular click the wannabes middle friendship circles social isolates 25. Group processes researcher is important to the study of socialization in what way? It shows the importance of peer-group interactions in socialization processes. It shows the importance of family interactions. It shows the importance of the media. It emphasizes the impact of socialization in group settings. GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) l. Most college students represent which type of person in Merton’s typology of deviance? conformists innovators ritua lists retreatists 2 A homeless person who decides to live in the woods is probably best represented by which of the following people using Merton’s typology of deviance? conformists innovators ritualists retreatists 3. Which of the following represent strain according to new interpretations of strain theory? negative relationships with family and friends poverty unornploymoot All of the above. 4. Which theory of deviance tries to explain why individuals do not commit crime? labeling theory strai n theory social control theory theory of differential association 5 Sampson and Laub’s research on delinquent and non-delinquent youths in Boston found delinquency was greater when bonds with which social institutions were weakest? family education work both a and c 6. In high school, Janet rarely got involved in smoking or drinking. In college, Janet found some friends who spent most of their off time consuming large amounts of alcohol and other drugs. Soon, she did the same and did not know anyone who did not spend their time that way. Which theory best explains Janet’s behavior given this limited amount of information? labeling theory strain theory social control theory theory of differential association 7. Which of the following best exemplifies white collar crimes? stealing a purse simple assault telling a lie to your friend embezzling from work 8 Murder would most likely be considered the breaking of a while picking your nose in public would be breaking a _ more; folkway folkway; more norm; value both are mores 9 Scholars contend that and are two factors that affect the likelihood of committing a crime. controls; formal sanctions certainty; severity certainty; informal sanctions severity; formal sanctions 10 Given the research on the epidemiology of mental health, which group is most likely to report problems with drinking? Depression? married people; singles African-Americans; Latinos African-Americans; Whites men; women 1l. The stresses associated with living in urban areas come from while the stresses associated with rural areas tend to be a result of _ lack of stimulation; ambient hazards ambient hazards; lack of stimulation urban malaise; rural malaise negative life events; chronic stresses GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs 12. How do group processes scholars examine the concept of mental illness? It is viewed as a status characteristic like race or gender. It is viewed as a normal part of group interactions. It is viewed as a major area of group research. It is viewed as a way for individuals in groups to negotiate identity. 13. Which of the following would be considered a total institution? your college a police station a prison a family household 14. Which sociologist is most associated with the concept of stigma? Erving Goffman Georg Simmel George Herbert Mead Herbert Blumer 15 Goffman’s research on total institutions showed that many patients in insane asylums generally _____ their roles as patients. resist accept use colonization to cope with None of the above. 16 Which of the following coping strategies emphasize patients’ attempts to rebel against asylum staff? conversion intransigence withdrawal colonization 17. The loss of a job is represented in which component of the stress process? stressors outcomes mediators and moderators social and economic characteristics 18. LaPiere’s study of prejudice clearly showed that most people _ have some prejudice act on their prejudices do not act on their prejudices both a and c 19. Overall, American political attitudes lean on being _ very conservative moderately conservative moderately liberal very liberal 20. Which of the following groups could be identified as most liberal in the U.S.? females living in the Midwest females living on the west coast males living in the Midwest males I ivi ng on the West Coast 1 Which of the following groups spend the most time on childcare? Which group has shown an increase in time spent with childcare? women for both questions men for both questions men; women women; men 2 Which of the following social theorists is most associated with studying racial prejudice in the United States? George Herbert Mead W.E.B. Du Bois Talcott Parsons William Thomas 3. Based on status construction theory, what would be the best way to get what you want out of a group and leave a positive impression? Act like a very nice person. Act like a generous person. Act like a majority member of society. Act like a high-status person. 4 Willer’s research showing presidential approval ratings increasing after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. clearly showed _ in-group bias tendencies out-group bias tendencies prejudicial biases ideological alliances 5 The slow treatment of Hurricane Katrina victims was used as an example of in your text. government inefficiency conscious racism unconscious racism None of the above. 6 According to exchange theory and research, which of the following situations is most likely to produce a positive emotion? an exchange in which people get the amount equal to their position in the group an exchange in which you get as much as you gave an exchange in which you get less than you gave All of these exchanges will produce a positive emotion. 7 According to the exchange theory, what sentiment is EXPECTED when you get more out of an exchange than you give? sadness guilt happiness joy 8 According to research and theory of group processes, how does power in relationships affect our emotions? Relationships characterized as having equal power engender positive emotion. Power makes us feel guilty in social exchanges. Relationships characterized as having unequal power engender positive emotion. Power gives us a positive feeling only when we deserve it during social exchanges. 9. Secondary emotions are _ learned through socialization similar to sentiments social emotions All the above. GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs 10 Your feeling that a district attorney has a lot of power refer to which dimension of affect control theory? eval uation potency activity strength 11 What emotion did wheelchair users employ when managing interactions with “stand-up” peopl in Cahill and Eggleston’s study of people with a handicap? fear humor love anger 12 Your friend, Chloe, goes through a bad break-up and her cat runs away all in the same week. When you and Chloe are out to dinner one night you run into Sarah, a good friend of yours from school. Chloe expresses the tragedies that have befallen her the past week to Sarah who proceeds to listen and then changes the conversation. Once back to your dinner, Chloe expresses her dismay and hurt that Sarah did not seem concerned about her break-up or loss of her cat. Sarah is upset because her were not met. social scripts emotional scripts sentiments emotions 13 According to Randall Collins’ theory of interaction ritual chains, what role does emotion play in the maintenance of society? Emotional energies provide the reason for maintaining interactions in society. Emotional scripts provide information about how to behave in society. Emotions give us cues as to whether we are performing our roles in society adequately. Emotions exist within a series of “feeling rules” about how to behave in society. 14. Which of the following jobs does NOT demand high levels of emotion work. waitress teacher customer service agent None of the above. 15 Steve turned to the people around him for help in deciding how to act at a local protest. According to perception control theory, what form of perception control is he using? independent instruction interdependent instruction organizational instruction i nteractiona I instruction 16. What is the best predictor of an individual participating in a march or a riot? her structural position her concern over a social condition in society her being asked to go to the event her access to resources 17. The vast majority of protests and other collective events have which kind of dispersal? routine dispersal emergency dispersal coerced dispersal active dispersal GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs 18. Which of the following are typical behaviors at a large protest march? People break off into a series of smaller groups. People form lines to access various facilities. People develop arcs and circles around speakers. All of the above are typical behaviors. 19. _____ is thrill-seeking behaviors designed to produce intense emotions. Potency Edgework Cyberneticism None of the above. 20. Enduring emotional meanings in a given society is known as _ fundamental sentiments transient sentiments emotional cues emotion work 21 The debate as to whether or not you should stop and look at an accident while driving by, possibly slowing down the traffic behind you, is an example of a _ social dilemma free rider problem group conformity mass hysteria 22 Public radio-radio stations that rely, in part, on listener support to stay in business-run the risk of what problem? a social dilemma the free rider problem group conform ity mass hysteria 23. The use of is important to the forming of collective memories. storytelling collective behavior collective emotion framing 24 According to emergent norm theory, the is the type of person who participates in the group out of curiosity. ego-involved participant curiosity seeker concerned partici pant insecure participant 25 Phase of collective behavior referring to the factors that bring people together into the same place at the same time. gathering phase homogeneity of mood assembling phase interpretive phase GCU PSY 228 Social Psychology Unit 1-4 MCQs Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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