How to Write a Military Officer Essay |Sample

How to Write a Military Officer Essay |Sample

The firm resolve to defend our Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign, by serving in the armed forces is the best decision I’ve ever made. Serving in the Army has instilled excellent interpersonal skills such as discipline, humility, empathy coupled with warrior ethos and values in me. As SSG, I have gained mastery of resources and systems. Consequently, I am able to integrate and synchronize available resources for optimal readiness of the organization.

 The experience, training and education that I’ve acquired while in the military places me in a position to effectively manage resources while balancing risks and caring for my fellow soldiers. Motivated by my expertise and obligation to accept responsibility, I, with this, step up for a greater responsibility to serve my country in the Army as a more technical expert, leader and adviser, a warrant officer (WO1).

Why I want to be a Military Officer

Throughout my service as SSG, I have yearned to be in a position to inspire a significant number of soldiers, provide purpose, motivation, direction and employ army command to improve the organization and accomplish missions. Being a warrant officer grants me the authority to persuade and motivate my colleagues through personal examples and words to do what is required of us as soldiers of this great country. I would love to share and convey the organization’s purpose to my fellow soldiers and inspire them to do their best by instilling a higher purpose that rises above self-interest. The success of our force is dependent on the soldiers’ ability to understand the need for doing a difficult task and discern the higher purpose.

Secondly, being a military officer puts me in a position to create conditions for a positive environment, build cohesion and trust in the team, demonstrate care for my people and enhance spirit de corps. I am mindful of the fact that as a military officer, I will, directly and indirectly, influence the culture and climate. For that reason, a reference to the Army’s culture is imperative in creating a positive climate and ensuring that my fellow soldiers uphold the culture to honor those who have served and those who are yet to serve.

Being a military officer enables me to build dependable and productive teams and processes by training and developing colleagues. Turning the organization’s vision into reality takes the combined efforts of all the soldiers in the organization. Therefore, as a military officer, I look forward to working with the respective units to create a shared understanding, and consequently, identify great-value options and manage risky actions. Being an officer enables me to coordinate with other leaders across the chain of command to foster team and organizational capabilities. Sense of belonging creates tactical and technical proficiency in individuals and collectively. I want to form cohesive teams that combine into a network of teams that works in a synchronized manner to accomplish missions and tasks.

Lastly, I would like to be a military officer to give back to the force in appreciation of the opportunity for growth granted since I joined the service. Ever since I joined the force, I have been molded into a better person with strategic leadership capability, teamwork skills, analytical skill, discipline, strong character, expertise and exemplary communications skills. Therefore, I would love to be in a position where I can mentor fellow soldiers, help in making strategic decisions and acting as a steward of the profession. Frankly, I feel indebted to the force for shaping me into a responsible and great person. 

What the Society Expects from me as a Military Officer

As a military officer, the society expects me to bear truth to the allegiance to the US constitution, the Army, my unit and other soldiers. The first order of loyalty is the US constitution and the ideals upon which it is based. The society expects me to embrace loyalty by upholding all the army values. I am expected to treat my subordinates fairly and working hard for my leaders and obeying orders unconditionally. Secondly, the society expects me to fulfil my obligations; always do my best as an officer. This extends beyond the law, orders and regulations. I should fulfil the purpose of received orders, take responsibility for my subordinates and do the best of my ability. The society expects me to serve selflessly by putting the welfare of the nation, Army and my subordinates first before my own. I must do what is right for the nation since it reflects to the society’s best interest.

The society expects me to live up to the army values which portrays US great culture. I am expected to do what is morally and legally and conduct myself as outlined in the army values. Therefore, my actions should reinforce the values.

Three Responsibilities as a Soon to be Officer

            As a WO1, I have the responsibility to provide expert technical and tactical advice, counsel, knowledge and solutions to support my unit and organization. I will support, administer, maintain and manage the Army’s equipment, technical systems and support activities. As a military officer, I must apply my technical knowledge and professional experience to better the army and mentor junior colleagues.

            As an officer, I will command units, manage resources and establish policies while balancing risks and caring for my colleagues and their families. I should integrate leader, collective and soldier training to advance the Amy’s missions. I will serve from all levels from leading change at strategic levels to leading tactical unit operations. I will responsible for everything my command does or fails to do.

Lastly, I have the responsibility to discharge duties well and faithfully and maintain the momentum of operations at my organization and success of missions. I have to inspire and create a conducive climate for subordinates to use their technical skill, maturity and experience to translate orders into action. The commission grants me authority to direct subordinates and obey my superiors. The ultimate goal of this responsibility is to build effective teams to turn the organization’s vision into reality.

Therefore, as justified herein, I look forward to serving my nation and Army in a more specialized and technical position to provide expert technical and tactical advice, counsel, knowledge and solutions to support my organization. At the position, I will mentor junior colleagues and serve selflessly and with personal and moral courage.

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