King Lear Play Overview

A Works Cited should be submitted with your essay.TOPICS:1) Although humans are placed higher than animals on the Great Chain, this play often reflects the base animal nature inherent in all humans. To what purpose does Shakespeare try to convey these elements of his characters?2) Through Lear’s descent into madness, Shakespeare is able to present a demonic vision of the world.3) What is the effect of Shakespeare’s use of characters in the play to represent identical but opposite sides of the plays central conflict?4) Nemesis is the Greek word for the dramatic theory of retributive justice. Assess the extent to which Nemesis is applicable to the pathetic ends met by Gloucester and Cordelia.5) Blindness, foolishness and nothingness each play a symbolic role in the play. Analyze Shakespeare’s intentional use of one or more of these in King Lear

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King Lear Play Overview
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