Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

Issue-Oriented Research Paper Research on a Issue For this paper, you will write a persuasive essay over an issue of your choice(legalizing marijuana). Overall, you are attempting to persuade your audience to either take direct action or participate in other ways.  The introduction should create context and rationale for your study of this issue. Your thesis statement should be a defendable position on your issue and include all major points that will be discussed. Your body paragraphs will follow the order of points in your thesis, incorporating evidence and analyzing that evidence to support your thesis. Your conclusion should summarize these main points and explain what actions the audience might now take. This is a persuasive essay, providing an argumentative account on your chosen issue. This essay needs a title, 500 words, at least 2 secondary sources with proper in-text citations and works cited page

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Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper
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