Mary Shelly’s Frankestein

How might the reader regard the relationship between Victor and the creature in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? Considered in simple terms, the relation is one of opposition (i.e., Victor “vs.” the creature). But in many places, this binary scheme breaks down as the creature comes to mirror rather than oppose his creator. Write a paper showing how binary oppositions associated with these characters are both established and undercut by Mary Shelley. Please Note: When writing and revising your paper, check that you have a focused concept, a logical plan and organizational structure, clear definitions, sufficient and carefully used sources, and appropriate writing strategies. Additionally, follow MLA guidelines for in-text citations. Length: 1500 words: about 5 pages, not counting the Works Cited page. Make sure you include a Works Cited page with an entry for Frankenstein. The page should be separate from the rest of the paper; simply insert a page break between the last page of text and the works-cited page. This paper also must have multiple in-text citations, like three per paragraph, with page numbers (e.g., 77-79), for every quotation and plot reference of Frankenstein. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCE EXCEPT FOR MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENSTEIN.

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Mary Shelly’s Frankestein
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