Project Map

Using MS Office, draw a process map (purchasing, accounting, design, manufacturing, customer service, call center, etc.) that you are a part of at your workplace. Use the help of your colleagues, if necessary, to identify the elements of each of the process steps. Do you see any “waste” in the process?

3 Short Paper Project Map: Armand Feigenbaum

Besides the quality experts listed in the  lecture, Armand Feigenbaum made significant contributions to quality management. Research on Feigenbaum’s contributions, and write a short paper on his three step approach to quality.

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Project Map
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4-3 Short Paper on Project Map: Kano Model

Identify the customers of a process at your workplace. Then, identify their requirements from that process, and categorize them using the Kano Model, viz., must-be requirements, one-dimensional requirements, and delighters.


3 Short Paper on Project Map: Project Charter

Assume senior management has selected and defined a project from within your company that needs improvement because of its poor performance in meeting CTQs. You are to develop a Project Charter for this selected project. This “project” will carry through over the next four weeks as we progress through each of the DMAIC phases. This progressive development will help you prepare for the DMAIC paper due in the final week of the course.

6-3 Short Paper: Process Capability
For your selected project — Process Map it and develop a data collection plan for the Measure phase. Then collect (or create) data to measure the process capability of Y and determine its sigma level.

7-4 Diagram: CE Diagram
For your project, select a likely subset of theories (potential Xs) from the CE diagram that you want to test & validate with data using hypothesis testing. You will then develop a data collection plan for the Analyze phase (for hypothesis testing). Write out the hypothesis tests. Use the data (real or created) to run the hypothesis tests.


8-3 Short Paper: Improved Process Map and FMEA
For your project, showcase the new improved process with an updated process map, and an improved FMEA (with improvement recommendations, especially on the proven Xs) to minimize risks of failure.

9-3 Short Paper: Control Plan and SPC
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Develop a Control Plan for your project and select the appropriate SPC chart to monitor and control the process. If you have data, showcase it with an SPC chart, showing the before vs. after improvement performance.

10-3 Final Paper: DMAIC
Recall the DMAIC approach of a Six Sigma project. Choose a real-world process (at a bank or hospital or university or restaurant or hotel or even at your work place), and explain how the DMAIC approach can be applied to improve that process. Explain each of the 5 phases (DMAIC) in as much detail as possible. This paper should be 8–10 pages in length.





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