80 Recommended Research Topics in Psychology

What are the 80 Recommended Research  Topics in Psychology? This is a common question you are likely to ask whenever you have a psychology essay assignment. Luckily, psychology is among the few interesting branches of science. Almost everything that exists is influenced by psychology in one way or another. This means that there is so much to write about in this discipline.

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80 Recommended Research Topics in Psychology
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As much as psychology is a thrilling subject selecting a good psychology essay topic is not an essay task. That’s why we have come up with numerous psychology essay topics to help you with exceptional ideas whenever you come across a psychology essay assignment. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should write about our topics word by word, but they should influence your decisions.

In case you want a unique topic, you can reach out to our experts, and we will come up with one specified for your assignment. Read on and get conversant with the 80 Recommended Research Topics on Psychology.

Psychology Research Topic List

Do you have a psychology research assignment, and you have no idea which topic to write about? At times coming up with a unique topic can be challenging more than writing the actual essay. Fortunately, myCoursebay is here to offer inspiration by providing a few ideas to help you get started. Keep on reading and get acquitted with various psychology essay topic ideas.

Simple Research/Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the major causes of depression to a teenager
  2. How can people use psychology to control chronic pain?
  3. Can antidepressants be used without any form of therapy?
  4. Which are the most common effects of insomnia?
  5. What do medics consider before they treat depressive disorders
  6. Why do humans experience anxiety in dreams?
  7. Discuss five personality disorders
  8. Why are some people attracted to others?
  9. Why should parents discourage their children from watching horror movies?
  10. Can violent lyrics affect violent behavior?

Literature Essay Topics for College Students

You can stand out from your peers and conduct a literature review for your psychology papers. Here are a few psychology topics that you can conduct a literature review on.

  1. To what extent does mass media influence a child’s personality
  2. Are there some psychological changes that are associated with age
  3. Can meditation techniques manage chronic pain
  4. Is eyewitness memory reliable?
  5. Does parenting lifestyle affect a child’s professional specialization in the future?
  6. How does bullying in school affect self-perception
  7. Can key personality traits predict criminal behavior
  8. Can physical exercise control moods and stress
  9. Does autism have any effect on modern society
  10. Can therapy assist emotionally focused couples

Creative College Essay Topics

Creative psychology essay topics allow you to write about numerous factors related to psychology, including what you rarely discuss in class. Here are some ideas of the same.

  1. What’s the effect of grief on a family unit?
  2. What causes perverse sexual behaviors
  3. Do emotions have any effect on sport performance
  4. How can gender difference lead to difficulties in communication
  5. How does being an overprotective parent affect a child’s development
  6. Can willpower transform consciousness?
  7. Can working mothers affect their kid’s development negatively?
  8. How do you use psychology to manage eating disorders?
  9. If you ignore a child’s emotional need, what effect will it have on their adult life?
  10. Benefits of teaching affection to young children

Psychology Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Which is the most effective way to treat memory loss
  2. How can you measure a child’s attention span
  3. Which are the effects of an abusive relationship
  4. What is the difference between moods conditions in children and adolescent
  5. What causes anorexia in children
  6. What’s the effect of social anxiety
  7. Discuss the causes of gender discrimination
  8. How can a violent cartoon affect a child’s mental state
  9. Does divorce have a negative effect on the children emotional development
  10. How does single parenting affect a child’s mental state

Interesting Essay Topics

Psychology is a broad discipline that allows you to explore various topics without limitations. The following are some interesting essay topics that you can write about in your next essay.

  1. What’s the effect of memories on an individual’s behavior
  2. Are there some underlying conditions that can create a serial killer?
  3. Is stalking a form of psychological disorder
  4. Are genius made or born
  5. How can tolerance improve an individual’s mental health
  6. How does parental negligence lead to a child’s obesity disorder
  7. Does overcrowding have any effects on human beings
  8. What factors cause shyness in an adult
  9. Can environmental factors accelerate depression disorder
  10. Why is it important for the brain to dream?

College Topics That Stand Out

  1. Why do older adults have a better memory than younger ones
  2. What are the implications of mood freezing
  3. How does sleep deprivation affect short term memory
  4. Is a woman’s memory better at recalling words and numbers than that of a man
  5. Can you define a person personality through their taste in music
  6. How is psychology essential in the military
  7. How are dreams connected to an individual soul
  8. Football coaches should play both mental and physical role
  9. Are men’s dream more physical and violent than those of women
  10. Which are some of the challenges do autistic personalities face

How to Identify a Good Psychology ResearchTopic Idea

As highlighted earlier, psychology is a broad subject. Often students struggle to identify a suitable topic for their assignment. Considering the fact that coming up with a solid topic is one of the essential steps, it is necessary to learn techniques that can help you identify the best. The following are some ideas that can enhance your creativity.

Types of Therapy or Disorder

Exploring a renowned treatment or discussing a psychological disorder is a good psychology essay topic. Some psychology topics under the same include the following.

  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Phobias
  • Various types of therapy like psychoanalytic therapy
  • Eating disorder

Human Cognition

You can get a topic related to human cognition, such as decision making, language, and intelligence. Under this, you can write about the following ideas.

  • Attention
  • Dreams
  • Judgment
  • Perception
  • Speech disorder

Human Development

There are so many areas you can write about related to human development. Typical ones include childhood attachment, language development, and social learning. Here you can explore topics like

  • Language acquisition
  • Gender roles
  • Parenting styles
  • Child abuse
  • Learning disability

Critique a Published Psychology Journal or a Book

Writing a critique of published material is a great option to explore for your psychology assignment. You can decide to explore a renowned book like “Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams” or any other. It is easy to get such books in your school library and also on the internet. In case you have trouble identifying the right book, contact us at Mycoursebay.com. We have access to hundreds of online libraries from various universities across the globe. Our writers can identify a unique psychology book and write a critique paper within your specified deadline.

Analyze a Renowned Experiment

There are numerous groundbreaking and fascinating experiments in the field of psychology. An experiment is an awesome option to explore for your term paper. After identifying the experiment that thrills you, you can choose to evaluate its implications, summarize the entire experiment, or analyze the research’s ethics. Some famous experiments you might consider are “The Little Albert Experiment,” “The Bobo Doll Experiment,” or “The Fantz’s Looking Chamber.” Again, if you do not have adequate time to analyze a psychology experiment reach out to myCoursebay for immediate and efficient assistance.

Write a Psychology Paper Based on a Historical Figure

One of the easiest ways to develop an interesting and simple topic is to explore the history of psychology. Depending on your interest and the evidence you can access, you can write a paper based on an individual’s theories, biography, and influence on psychology or professional history. This is one type of paper that you should not struggle to identify suitable personnel. Actually, psychology is a field full of renowned individuals with intriguing stories. You can write about Harry Harlow, Sigmund Freud, or B.F Skinner.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

As students come to myCoursebay to get a glimpse of the 80 recommended college essay topics on psychology, they ask numerous questions related to the same. Some typical questions regarding psychology essay topics include the following.

What Is the Best Research Topic for College Essay?

There is no specified best topic suitable for all psychology essays. This is because professors’ instructions differ depending on the subject at hand and academic level.

You can only identify the best topic by analyzing your professor’s instructions and coming up with a suitable topic. You can also seek academic expert assistance in case you do not comprehend the concept at hand. Luckily, we have psychology professional writers among our team. Therefore, you can reach out, and we will help you come up with an ideal topic suitable for your assignment.

What Are Good Topics for a Essay?

There are various good topics suitable for a psychology essay. Some of them include:

  1. How effective is rehabilitation to criminals
  2. Discuss affect heuristic
  3. Which are the therapy practices suitable for depression
  4. Can you treat addictions using therapy treatments?
  5. What role do dopamine and serotonin play in feelings of pleasure and happiness

How Do I Find a Topic for My College Essay?

You can use the following tips to find a good topic for your psychology college essay

  • Brainstorm on relevant ideas on the psychology knowledge you have learned in class. In case you settle on specific ideas, use it as the keyword to conduct research online. You are likely to come across topic ideas or scholarly papers on the same
  • Go through a wide list of psychology essay topics, such as the 80 recommended college essay topics on psychology. This will inspire you to come up with your own intriguing ideas
  • Read online publications written on psychology. As you read, you are likely to get ideas that you can explore. Nevertheless, avoid general topics that every other student is going to write about
  • Seek an expert opinion. Someone who has written numerous psychology papers has numerous essay topic ideas that can earn good marks. You can get such kind of personnel here at Mycoursebay.com. contact our support team today, and we will match you with a psychology expert who can write your psychology essay paper from scratch

What Is the Best Topic for Students?

The best topic for students suits your instructor’s requirement and is suitable for your academic level. There is no easy topic that is best for all psychology essays. Each assignment will have a suitable topic suitable depending on its nature. Luckily our academic experts can come up with the best topic in any psychology essay. In case you require assistance, do not hesitate to reach out.

What Are Some Good Topics?

Here are examples of some good psychology topics.

  1. How has Covid19 affected society’s mental health
  2. What’s the effect of taking depression drugs
  3. What kind of dreams are usually difficult to remember
  4. If a dream keeps reoccurring, what does it mean
  5. What is the contribution of Freud to the field of psychology
  6. Does lack of sleep have any effect on the mental state
  7. Why is it necessary for kids to play
  8. What causes an individual to cut themselves
  9. Which is the most effective method to treat post-traumatic stress syndrome
  10. What are some of the common sources of mental illness

Do Colleges Give You an Essay Topic?

Yes, at times, colleges give you an essay topic to handle. Whereas other times you should come up with your own.

What Should I Write About in Psychology Research Paper?

You can look at our 80 recommended college essay topics on psychology to get an idea of what you can write about. If you still have no idea what to write about, reach to our writers and get assistance.

What Should You Not Include in a College Essay?

You should not include the following in your psychology essay

  • Do not include controversial theories that you cannot support using credible evidence
  • Do not include information that is not part of your professor’s instructions
  • Do not include other people’s ideas in your essay. Always cite other people’s ideas in case you will use them in your essay
  • Do not include slang wording
  • Do not include vague and general information

What Is an Example Essay?

An example essay is a well-written essay that you can use as a sample to guide you as to write, especially if you are new to essay writing.

What Are Ethical Topics in Psychology Research?

Ethical topics are these that refer to the correct rules observed when carrying our research.

Examples of ethical topics in psychology include

  1. Debrief
  2. Withdraw
  3. Deception
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Protection of participant

The guidelines and topics we have highlighted above can help overcome challenges associated with difficulties to identify a suitable psychology topic. However, you should note that myCoursebay writers can also write the entire psychology research paper from scratch. Therefore, if you have a busy schedule or a clash of priorities, do not hesitate to contact us.


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