Stone Butch Blues

“Explore and analyze, in detail a major theme found in the literature we’ve discussed. Use at least one work we have discussed that you feel represents the chosen theme as a starting point, and then pair it up with outside research. The outside research should be reliable and can be on any relevant topic, including biographical information on the writer, historical contexts, popular culture references, and/or critical issues that are relevant to the text, such as transgender issues, gender as performance, gender identities within the gay, lesbian, straight communities, and/or the themes of passing. How you go about putting this analysis together is up to you. The final draft should be your reading of one major theme in at least one work of literature we’ve discussed, and it should reflect your thinking and analysis of it. ”  Stone Butch Blues Novel needs to be used and reliable outside research. The theme should explore how bar culture helped to develop Jess as a character and the research should support that the way in which Feinburg wrote the bar scenes represented accurate historical timelines of bar culture for queer folk. The history of bar culture and the impact of that culture should be intertwined with Jess’s character development.  Here is the the link to a free copy of the whole novel. file:///C:/Users/bryan/Downloads/Stone-Butch-Blues-by-Leslie-Feinberg.pdf It can also be found online at Leslie Feinburgs website.

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Stone Butch Blues
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