Creative Arts Project 2

Creative Arts Project 2
June 12, 2016 by
Creative Arts Project 2
Project Two: Different Perspectives
Rewrite a fairy tale from the perspective of one of the minor characters in the story. Remember this is where you get to use your creativity and use of imagination to change the minor character’s perspective of the story. When selecting the minor character, be careful who your minor character is, for example, if your selection was the fairy tale,”The Three Bears”, your minor character would not be the Goldilocks or Baby Bear. Here is a brief example of how I changed the minor character, Papa Bear in the fairy tale,”Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.
Instead of Papa Bear sitting down to eat his porridge and it was too hot, Mama Bear served Papa Bear Fruit Loops and hot cocoa. He decided the family should take a walk in the woods because he said the Fruit Loops were too crunchy to eat and the cocoa was too hot to drink. As they were walking in the woods, Papa Bear spotted a resort called “Bears Are Us”. He thought it would be fun for his family to enjoy time spent away from home because they hadn’t had a vacation in a long time. In the meantime, Goldilocks saw a small beautiful cottage. She decided to stop by because she was tired of walking in the woods and she was so happy to see this beautiful cottage. She knocked on the door once, but no one answered. She knocked on the door twice, but no one answered. The third time she knocked and no one answered, she decided to open the door… And the fairy tale goes on…
See how I changed the minor character, Papa Bear? Please do not use this fairy tale because I have already used it as an example.
To depict your story, follow the directions below:
Create at least (4 to 5) brief journal entries from the perspective of the minor character: share any of the minor character’s personal thoughts that are important to note as a journal entry.
Provide a detailed outline of how you would rewrite the story if it was written from the minor character’s viewpoint.
An outline is separated into sections marked with Roman Numerals (I, II, III, IV…) or Uppercase Letters (A, B, C, D…).
Rewrite four or more detailed scene(s) in the book from the perspective of the minor character.
Journal Entries:
Journal entries are brief paragraphs (4-6 complete sentences per entry) involving your version of this fairy tale. The paragraphs briefly describe the main parts of your story from the minor character’s perspective. Upon completion of your fairy tale, review the whole story from the beginning to the end. Then take a look at the first part of your fairy tale, is there something in this section of significance you think is important to use as a journal entry? Document this information and move on to next journal entry. You will continue to read and review each section of your fairy tale to determine which parts of your story can be used as a journal entry. It’s important to note, you may need to brainstorm these entries first before you decide which parts you intend to use as your journal entries.If you have any questions about this assignment,please do not hesitate to contact me through Messages.My information is listed in the Course Menu under Instructor Info.
Outline Directions:
An outline is separated into sections marked with Roman Numerals (I, II, III, IV, etc…) or Uppercase Letters (A., B., C., D.).
Each section begins with a brief title involving the major points you believe are most important in your story.
Underneath each Roman Numeral title, student will enter a set of lowercase letters in a, b, c order.
Or underneath each Uppercase Letter title, student will enter a set of numbers in 1,2,3 order.
Beside the lowercase letters, student will briefly submit important bullet statements in relation to each Roman Numeral title.
Or beside the set of numbers, student will briefly submit important bullet statements in relation to each Uppercase Letter title.
Each Roman Numeral title should contain at least two bullet statements.
Or each Uppercase Letter title should contain at least two bullet statements.
Depending on the length of your story as to how many Roman Numerals one needs along with the lowercase letter bullet statements.
Or depending on the length of your story as to how many Uppercase Letters one needs along with the set of number bullet statements.
Note: As you can see you do have a choice for your Outline to use either Roman Numerals/lowercase letters format or Uppercase Letters/set of numbers format. Students may not combine Roman Numerals/lowercase letters with Uppercase Letters/set of numbers for your Outline. If student does combine the Outline formats, several points will be deducted from the total score for this assignment
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