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I have already drawn the pictures and icons. You need to complete this article based on the diagrams I have drawn.

The product I draw is medical beauty

The original intention of these pictures is that people are increasingly pursuing beauty in order to meet people’s needs. A large number of medical cosmetic equipment appears on the market. But the quality is not good or bad. Makes it difficult for consumers to choose. In this regard, we think about how to better attract consumers to buy products.

Medical beauty equipment

Marketing (price) Before:

With the increase of the level of “consumer consumption”, the market of medical cosmetology has gradually been explored. The medical beauty market is becoming more and more popular, especially every year

Light people, but the high medical project has allowed many young people to bear huge pressure for many years, which has affected other people’s quality of life. ? And medical equipment

The price of equipment is not uniform. Without government supervision, there are problems such as excessive marketing and channel kidnapping.


The government has strengthened management and supervision. The introduction of laws and regulations on the price standards of medical and aesthetic industry equipment has enabled consumers to understand the correct information of the medical and aesthetic industry and avoid being cheated by non-defective merchant products. In addition, a series of discount measures are implemented for medical beauty products to attract consumers to purchase.



The brand of medical beauty products is complicated. The packaging of the product has no privacy protection for the buyer.


Upgrade the packaging of medical beauty products, so that the products are better placed in the packaging, to prevent people from seeing what products they buy.

Protected consumer privacy

After-sales service (consumer service) Before

Due to the low threshold and relatively chaotic phenomenon in the medical beauty industry, there are many illegal organizations, illegal medical practices, and black intermediaries. Vicious incidents that harm consumers’ rights and interests still occur from time to time.


The formal medical and aesthetic industry staffs provide online and offline services to consumers. Establish an online consultation platform suitable for consumers’ habits. The main functions include online questioning, expert consultation, service display, etc. The purpose is to provide consumers with core services. Provide free repairs for the sold medical beauty products, so consumers can buy with confidence.

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