Culture Assignment

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The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of culture as a relevant and influential aspect of your life.

Using your experiences and the textbook as your guides, write an essay (at least 500 words) with an introduction and a conclusion in which you address the following topics. List all resources used in standard format at the end of your paper.

  1. Identify a cultural group to which you belong. Explain why you consider it a culture by describing some of its characteristics and providing examples of the kinds of experiences and knowledge shared by its members. (4 points)
  • Is this group a dominant group or minority group? Explain why you classify this group in this way. (3 points)
  1. Is this group a subculture or a counterculture? Explain why you classify this group in this way. (3 points)
  1. Identify a symbol, a language, an institution, and a value associated with this culture. Explain the importance of each these cultural elements to this culture. (4 points)
  1. Explain how this culture’s way of life is learned by and taught to members of this group. (3 points)
  1. Describe the greatest benefit(s) and drawback(s) to being a member of this culture that you have personally experienced. (3 points)

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