CyberSecurity in Hospitals Discussion

CyberSecurity in Hospitals Discussion ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON CyberSecurity in Hospitals Discussion Identify the data sources and discuss the data analysis methodology in a 4- to 5-page paper for the topic area you selected in Module 1. This is the second part of your final project and picks up where Module 1 left off. You will need to utilize at least 3-5 references. CyberSecurity in Hospitals Discussion The completed paper for this module should address the following issues: 1. Is there any existing data available? If not, how are you planning to collect the data? 2. Is this a quantitative or qualitative study? 3. What are the research methods you are going to use? 4. What are the potential limitations for your data and methodologies? module_1_slp.doc Running head: CYBERSECURITY IN HOSPITALS Public Health Topic: Cybersecurity in Hospitals 1 CYBERSECURITY IN HOSPITALS 2 Public Health Topic: Cybersecurity in Hospitals The use of Internet connection is increasing in all sectors in enhancing the provision of services. Healthcare sector is among the industry that depends on this technology of internet connection in the provision of services from patient records, results from a lab test, among other pieces of equipment in health facilities like radiology or hospital elevators. The use of this technology in the health providing facilities plays a significant role because it ensures quality healthcare provision to patients, excellent data integration, proper management of patients as well as appropriate clinical support (Williams, Asi, Raffenaud, Bagwell, & Zeini, 2016). The use of Internet technology in the hospital is therefore essential in ensuring effective and efficient healthcare service provision for both the healthcare providers and patients. However, Internet technologies are vulnerable to challenges like cyber attacks that can obtain the information of the patients, hijack drug infusion devices, or even paralyze the entire hospital until the attackers receive ransom payment. This paper aims at examining the role of cybersecurity in the provision of quality healthcare in hospitals in Seattle, Washington. Healthcare providing facilities are adopting more of technology in providing their healthcare services to the patients because technology makes work more comfortable and manageable, therefore increasing the efficiency in service delivery. In the majority of the current hospitals, internet connection is one of the priorities where systems communicate using the internet ensuring quality service provision but the link is vulnerable to malicious people, and a single disruption on the system connection and communication have a profound impact on healthcare provision in the health facility (Kruse, Frederick, & Monticone, 2017). It is therefore vital to ensure that the information of the patients, as well as Internet connection systems in the hospital, is inaccessible to any of the malicious people because the information concerning the CYBERSECURITY IN HOSPITALS 3 healthcare of the people is susceptible and need proper protection away from people who can use the data for extortion. Malicious people have managed to carry out several cases of cyber attacks on hospital computer systems for instance in 2017; there was WannaCry cyberattack that affected millions of hospital computers across the world compromising the provision of healthcare to the patients. During the 2017 cyber attack on hospital computers, United States manage to convene a task force “Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity” since the security of information in the healthcare was in critical condition. The technology experts say that healthcare sectors are still lagging when it comes to handling information on the Internet and securing them from by malicious people in comparison to the business sector. CyberSecurity in Hospitals Discussion The information in the health facilities are more sensitive, and a simple mistake could end up killing patients, and because of that, there is a need to ensure that the information in the health facilities remain confidential and save because it determines the lives of many patients. The WannaCry cyberattack even though patients did not lose their lives; it was a lesson to the hospitals that they need a reliable system that can ensure secure storage of hospital information. WannaCry attack on the hospital computer systems manages to interrupt some of the devices in the hospital like diagnostic equipment forcing the doctors to cancel over 20,000 patient appointments as well as carrying lab results from one hospital to another using hand (Mohurle & Patil, 2017). The WannaCry cyber attack manages to encrypt data and hold computer systems from operating until the payment of the ransom, and in that connection, healthcare-providing facilities are still prone to cases of cyber attacks. It is therefore essential to learn from the past cyber attack cases and develop a more reliable system that ensures the safety CYBERSECURITY IN HOSPITALS 4 of hospital information and communication system enabling the provision of quality healthcare service to the patients Another cyber attack on the hospital computer system is that of NotPetya that manage to cause damage of over $10 billion on the computers all over the world affecting the healthcare services provided in hospitals like Sutter Health Facility for several weeks. The NotPetya cyberattack manages to change the hospital programs jeopardizing the provision of healthcare services to the patients. Sutter Health Facility managed to respond to the attack; however, the damage was immense, creating a patient safety issue, especially those who were undergoing transplant or surgery because the doctors need patient’s information to make decisions. Sutter Health Facility manages to use artificial intelligence technology to ensure that they sort and evaluate the threats threat cybercriminals are posing to the health facility and it is vital to be prepared for anything, but it is essential to ensure that the hospital information remains safe and confidential. Cybersecurity programs are available that help in ensuring total security of the information in the hospitals; however, the majority of the healthcare providing facilities do not have sufficient resources that can allow them to use the security program. Availability of the funds, for instance, finances to help healthcare facilities source reliable cybersecurity programs is determinant when it comes to the safety of information. CyberSecurity in Hospitals Discussion The manufacturers of medical devices are aware of the challenges revolving around the security of healthcare information against the cyber attackers, and they play a significant role in providing guidelines that can help the medical facilities in using the devices appropriately to avoid being vulnerable to cybercriminals (Namo?lu & Ulgen, 2013). CYBERSECURITY IN HOSPITALS 5 Majority of the hospitals do not know how vulnerable they are when it comes to cyberattacks and safety of the patient information and that of the hospital. The quality of healthcare service depends on how the hospital accesses the knowledge of the patient more conveniently and at a much faster rate because this information helps in making the decision and prescribing medication to the patients. Adoption of technology in the health facilities not only improves the quality of service delivery but also makes the work more accessible to the healthcare providers enabling them to serve more and more patients at any given time. However, technology comes with some of the challenges that may also affect the delivery of quality healthcare to the patients; for instance, cyber-attacks can stop the operation of the hospitals that uses Internet connection for most of their activities. It is therefore crucial for the health facilities to consider adopting the technology in their service because it enhances the delivery of quality healthcare in the facility but factoring the negative side of it is vital because cyber attackers can stop the operation of the facility risking lives of many patients in the hospital. Since the information of the hospital and that of the patient is sensitive, it is vital to understand how safeguarding the data from cybercriminals will enhance the provision of quality healthcare in hospitals. Cybercriminals have succeeded in carrying out several cyberattacks on the communication system of the hospital affecting operations of the hospitals, and through those incidences, it is essential to find out the lasting solution towards cyberattacks in the hospital operation system (Kashyap & Wetherilt, 2019). The findings of this research will also help hospitals that use the technology in their healthcare provider to come up with secure ways that enable them to handle the hospital and patient information and at the end enhance the provision of quality healthcare. CYBERSECURITY IN HOSPITALS 6 The first objective of the research is to find out how cybersecurity can play a significant role in improving the quality of healthcare provision to patients in the hospitals of Seattle, Washington. Adoption of technology in healthcare facilities neither plays a critical role nor only in improving the quality of healthcare provision to the patients but also in making works easier for the healthcare providers. Making sure that the information is accessible to the relevant people is essential because there are many people out there who can access the information and use it for malicious purposes. Having a reliable means of securing data in hospitals is another objective of the study. Protecting data against malicious people is vital because the hospitals can operate effectively and efficiently providing quality healthcare to the patients. When cybercriminals find weak points in the hospital system, they are likely to stop the operation because they can encrypt some of the necessary information making it inaccessible to healthcare providers. Security of both hospital and patient information is vital in determining the provision of quality healthcare. CyberSecurity in Hospitals Discussion When the information in the hospital is secure, the healthcare providers can access the information and share with other facilities or departments effectively enabling fast and quality healthcare provision the patients. Some of the hospitals have experienced the problems of cyberattacks, and the results of the attack were devastating because the hospital could not access any of the crucial information and the patients undergoing operations or transplant could quickly lose their lives. It is vital to safeguard hospital information against cyber criminals because they can use their intelligence to stop the operation of the facility for them to get the ransom and in the process affect the provision of quality healthcare to patients. CYBERSECURITY IN HOSPITALS 7 References Kashyap, A. K., & Wetherilt, A. (2019). Some Principles for Regulating Cyber Risk. In AEA Papers and Proceedings, 109, 482-487. Kruse, C., Frederick, B., T., J., & Monticone, D. (2017). Cybersecurity in healthcare: a systematic review of modern threats and trends. Technol Health Care, 25(1), 1–10. Mohurle, S., & Patil, M. (2017). A brief study of wannacry threat: Ransomware attack 2017. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, 8(5). Namo?lu, N., & Ulgen, Y. (2013). Network security vulnerabilities and personal privacy issues in Healthcare Information Systems: a case study in a private hospital in Turkey. Health Technol Inform, 190, 126-128. Williams, C., Asi, Y., Raffenaud, A., Bagwell, M., & Zeini, I. (2016). The effect of information technology on hospital performance. Health care management science, 19(4), 338-346. … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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