data visualization reflection

data visualization reflection
September 26, 2022 by
Data visualization is the first step in communicating and displaying the results of data analysis. Commonly known data visualization techniques are tables and charts. Visualization techniques are selected based on the information that must be conveyed to the users. In your discussion,
Categorize situations where tables are a preferred visualization technique. Illustrate with an example.
Choose five different charting techniques that are available for visualization and compare. Explain why some are not suitable for displaying data and why others are more effective for data displays.
Explain Simpson’s paradox and provide an example different from the one listed in your textbook.
Guided Response: Your initial response should be a minimum of 300 words in length.
Read chapter 2 in textbook:
Sharpe, N. D., De Veaux, R. D., & Velleman, P. F. (2019). Business statistics (4th ed.). Retrieved from
Data Description Reflection
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