Define Jumping and Aerial Motion aspects within one of the skills you have chosen to analyze.

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Advanced Biomechanics

APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

Must be a minimum of 400 words

3 or more reference

My Athleles name is Trevor, his sport is World’s Toughtest Mudder, the skill is climbing

Using your athlete for your final project, Identify and define Jumping and Aerial Motion aspects within one of the skills you have chosen to analyze. (If your chosen athlete’s dynamic skill does not involve throwing and/or hitting choose another athlete where one phase of a dynamic movement exists in a skill. Do NOT choose a skill that another classmate has chosen for their final project. Choose a skill in another sport you are interested in.)

What phase of the skill is Jumping and Aerial Motion present? How do Internal and External biomechanical principles influence your athlete during the Jump and during the aerial portion of your skill phase? Do they transfer or progress between phases?

In your classmate responses: Within the jumping and aerial movement of the skill are there ways to…
1. Improve the athlete’s physical capacity,
2. Find Innovative techniques to perform the skill,
3. Suggest ways for more efficient interactions with the environment.
See… Li (2012). How can sport biomechanics contribute to the advance of world record and best athletic performance?.

HINT: using the 100m sprint as an example, you could provide your classmates with the following types of advice.
1. Power training suggestions to improve reaction time to the gun and getting out of the blocks quicker.
2. Types of training suggestions to maintain efficient movement out of the blocks.
3. Identify environmental factors: track, shoes, blocks, wind and how to counter or use these factors.

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