Development In Early Adolescence Paper

Development In Early Adolescence Paper Development In Early Adolescence Paper Adolescence is a period of physical and psychological development from the onset of puberty to maturity. The adolescent is no longer a child, but they haven’t yet reached adulthood. Adolescence is considered people between the ages of 13 and 21. Puberty is the physical maturing that makes an individual capable of sexual reproduction.Development In Early Adolescence Paper Puberty is important to adolescence because when a child hits puberty, that’s when the child is becoming an adolescent. Puberty is a big part of an adolescent’s life. Adolescence is not cultural universal. In some societies, young children go straight from childhood to the adult life once they have done the necessary puberty rites. Puberty rites are formal ceremonies that mark the entrance of young …show more content… Permalink: development-in-e…dolescence-paper / ? There are five characteristics that all adolescents have. These characteristics are biological growth and development, an undefined status, increased decision-making, increased pressures, and the search for self. The brain and the endocrine system control biological growth and development. During the early stages of adolescence, individuals experience growth in height and weight, changes in the body, the development of sexual characteristics, and skin problems. For example, I started getting curves in my body when I hit puberty.Development In Early Adolescence Paper My body started to develop changes. Our society’s expectations for children and adults are clear, but for the adolescent, expectations are inexplicit. Some adolescents are treated like children, but some are treated like adults. There is an undefined status. For example, my parents pay for my lunch, but I have to have a job so I can support myself. Adults usually make most of the decisions for young children, but adolescents must make many decisions on their own. For example, when I was a child, my mother would choose what I would wear for school and what was in my lunch box. But now, I have to choose what I will wear, what I will eat, what kind of job I want to have and many more different decisions. Adolescents are faced with a lot of pressure from many different people. They get put under pressure from their parents to their peers.Adolescents are faced with many difficult life decisions which, when coupled with their lack of self-knowledge, cause identity crises. Not secure in themselves, teenagers must make decisions concerning how they will act, with whom they will associate, and what life decisions they will choose.Development In Early Adolescence Paper Ultimately, the process by which they determine their identity must, of necessity, be one of trial and error. Adolescents are sometimes confused about how they feel, and thus, they tend to act out in either passive or outrageous ways such as dying their hair in different colors or even strange ways of wearing pants. Adolescents are in a stage full of uncertainties; therefore, teenagers feel the need to find something that they can cling to which would make them feel like they belong somewhere or to something in the society. As a result, adolescents often find ways to conform by forming a small clique or crowd. Besides forming a clique or a crowd, they may look to other alternatives which would influence the paths of life that they want to take. Example of such alternatives could be celebrities, teachers, relatives or maybe other role models in society. Unlike when they were children, adolescents begin to move away from the family circle. Therefore, alternatives such as celebrities, teachers, or friends are more favorable than parents or relatives. Do these actions lead to their maturity? In order to mature, adolescents must experience identity crises. Experts such as psychologists G. Stanley Hall, Erik Erikson, James Marcia, Jean Piaget, and Lawrence Kohlberg would agree that adolescents who experience identity crises would be inclined toward more stable adulthood. However, how these psychologists approach the cause of identity crises in adolescence differs. Development In Early Adolescence Paper Adulthood has often been associated with independence. It serves as a turning point in life where one has to take responsibility for oneself and no longer being dependent on his or her family. Early adulthood, usually begins from late teens or early twenties and will last until the thirties (Santrock, 2013). Early adulthood revolves around changes and exploration while middle and late adulthood are more of stability. The transition from adolescence and adulthood differs among every individual. The onset of the transition is determined by many factors such as culture, family background, and the personality of the individual. Emerging adulthood (as cited in Santrock, 2014) is the term to describe the transition period from adolescence to adulthood. There are key features of emerging adulthood that helps the transition to move towards adulthood.Development In Early Adolescence Paper One of the features is identity exploration. Emerging adults are always in the search of their own identity while experimenting with their life, love life and career path. Constant changes in emerging adult’s life are common. From changing residential place to love life, work and education, instability often presents during emerging adulthood (Santrock, 2013). In addition, emerging adults tend to place focus on themselves where they have no commitment and responsibilities toward others. This provides them a great chance to exercise their own will and to execute their plans for the future. During emerging adulthood, many feel like as if they do not belong to either adolescents or adult. The transition ends only when they have distinct marks of an adult. According to Arnett (as cited in Santrock, 2014), “emerging adulthood is the age of possibilities” (p. 296). Development In Early Adolescence Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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