Discussion 3 Week 3

Discussion 3 Week 3
January 25, 2017 by zuixy
Discussion 3 Week 3
Textbook-Richard T. Schaefer (2015) Racial and Ethnic Groups 14th edition, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc
In order to receive the full 3 points for this discussion forum, participants must submit a quality post to answering each one question listed below and respond to a minimum of two of your classmates’ postings.
•Discuss chapters 1-3. Give your response to the information provided in our modules for those chapters.
•Talk about the information in the Table 3.1 in the Schaefer textbook.
•What does the information in that table mean, or seem to mean or imply?
•Are we living in a post-racial society, as many suggest?
Please make positive response at least 150 words per post
Post 1- In the reviewed chapters a two-part definition of racial discrimination: developed differential treatment based on race that disadvantages a racial group and treatment based on inadequately justified factors other than race that disadvantages a racial group (differential effect). We focus our discussion on discrimination against disadvantaged racial minorities. Our definition encompasses both individual behaviors and institutional practices.
To be able to measure the existence and extent of racial discrimination of a kind in a social or economic domain, it is necessary to have a theory of how such discrimination might occur and what its effects might be. This includes hate crime, also referred to as bias-motivated crime, is when a person is attacked for being associated with a certain social, ethnic, or religious organization, or for their sexual orientation, nationality, physical appearance, handicap, or gender identity.
Hate crimes are often considered to be ‘message crimes,’ where the offender uses the crime to send a clear message to the targeted person or group.
Reviewing the chart 3:1 it shows the economic structure where discrimination is being practiced. It is suggested a mental stigma has been incorporated in the minds of American in various forms which have caused many African American men to be incarcerated suggesting they will be institutionalized oppose to being employed. This has caused a stigma in self-esteem within the black males.
Post 2-In chapters 1-3 we have read a lot concerning race, ethnicity, prejudice, and discrimination. As I read I was so into the reading because it seems as though that the material is coming from a sociological outlook as if it’s from some sociology’s theories of feminist, functionalist, and conflict theory. Racism, discrimination, and other social defects is real and it’s so amazing that we at as African American people is comfortable with it. In chapter 3 that any one women and man can be racist, prejudice, or sexist. We have seen only those in power can practice discrimination. As seen in the chart 3.1 the economic structure is one of many institutions that practice institutional discrimination. The black male will always be in the lowest bracket when it comes down to employment. We have so many of our black men in jail and when they do get out they will not be employable. The mark that has been branded in the minds of America came in many forms. We have read that prejudice is learned through the media and social learning as well. White privilege is here and from the chart it’s not going any where.
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