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Original Post must be by Thursday. Reply to two classmates by Sunday.

APA format is required for both in-line references and endnote references.

Full-text PDFs of all references are required. Lack of full-text PDFs will lose half of the credit for this post.

After reading Chapter 3 in your textbook, please provide a brief response to the following assessment question.

Q1: Chapter 3 starts with the identification and the introduction of the Principles, and the characteristics of a successful IG program. Identify these Principles, and provide a brief explanation of their importance?

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Discussion 3

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“Legal Considerations and the Need to Addres Culture and Diversity”

Understanding the differences between legal considerations (ADA, OSHA, Civil Rights, etc.) and the need to address culture and diversity in the workplace is key to creating a productive and peaceful environment. It is also true that on occasion, the needs or priorities of one department often mean a potential for a negative impact on how training is delivered.

You have been asked to write a proposal for a new training initiative that balances legal, moral, ethical, and cost considerations. What are your priorities for training and how do they both support and balance the organization’s needs?

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