Discussion Marketing to the Male Segment?

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Marketing to the Male Segment

In some situations, marketers would like to pitch their goods/services to men; however, this can sometimes lead to risks of some viewing the company as politically incorrect; or the marketing message may not be well received by the male audience. As well, targeting men may be at the expense of other groups of consumers. Gillette went through this awhile back with a marketing campaign that was both loved and hated. Whether it’s men, women or another target audience, marketers must think through all the angles of possible perceptions of their marketing effort.

For this assignment, let’s say we are all on a marketing team for a company that is entertaining the idea to target men and we are sitting around the conference table discussing the pros and cons to this type of marketing effort. Discuss the key considerations:

  • Are there risks in excluding other segments?
  • Would targeting men offend other segments?
  • Are there any pitfalls in targeting men or any other concerns?
  • What themes or elements in the advertising should the company use? What should the company avoid?

A few links to articles about Gillette and other information about targeting men that may help spark some thought.

Gillette Makes Waves With Controversial New Ad Highlighting ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Did Gillette Miss the Mark with Its Toxic Masculinity Ad?

Gillette commercial controversy: Men should just get over it and adapt to #MeToo era

How to Appeal to Men vs. Women in Advertising

The Gender Ads Project Ā– Males

3 Ways Advertising Attracts Straight Men


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