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Potential Resolutions

For those identified problems/issues with many causes and effects, there are potentially many solutions, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The solutions may impact just one of the effects or may impact several effects. The goal this week is to generate as many solutions as possible based on the critical analysis of the problem created earlier. At this stage, don’t worry about whether the solution is effective. Simply generate as many potential solutions as you can. Once you have generated a list, select two potential resolutions and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. You will share these with your peers; pay particular attention to their responses about which solution might work best in alleviating the problem/issue you selected.

To prepare:

Review the “Problem Solving Template,” located in the Resources area on the left navigation bar. Attached

Review the causes and effects that you generated in Week 6. Attached

Review the critical analysis narrative that you prepared in Week 7. Attached

Think about some potential resolutions to your identified problem and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

With these thoughts in mind answer the following question in 3 or more paragraphs.

Discuss two potential resolutions to the identified problem/issue and explain their advantages and disadvantages. Provide specific examples.

Application: Proposed Resolution _2 page paper

The last component of the Capstone Project involves the identification and critical analysis of a potential resolution to the identified problem. In this Application Assignment you will critically analyze one of the potential resolutions you proposed in Week 8. What would be the challenges and barriers to implementing the resolution?

To prepare:

Review the list of potential resolutions generated in Week 8 and identify the resolution you deem most likely to address the identified problem.

Consider the following questions for the resolution you have selected:

Is the resolution realistic

What are the consequences of the resolution, and who would be impacted?

What would be the challenges and barriers to implementing the resolution?

The assignment:

Submit a 1- to 2-page description of the selected resolution with its advantages and disadvantages. Also explain challenges and barriers to its implementation.

Scholarly Resoruces only in APA format

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