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I really enjoyed watching the video about professionalism. I found it to be right on point about how we should conduct ourselves in the workplace as professionals, educators, and Christians. I should make my employees watch it! Interestingly, one of the interview questions I ask when interviewing a potential employee is “What is your definition of professionalism”. As I look at graduating and leave Liberty University, I plan to continue to grow professionally by taking courses to get certified to counsel adults through a Christian counseling service. I would, at the very least, like to have the knowledge to advise other Christians in their daily walk and struggles. I would also like to eventually counsel people through a church. I have wanted to be a counselor since I became an adult and experienced my own hardships in life. When I looked around in church and saw others that were hurting, I saw that perhaps they needed someone who understood like I did, and I saw a need. From need, oftentimes is where great things are born.

Currently I am an After School Coordinator. There are many ways that I must be professional in this job. Certainly one of the biggest is discretion. I have to deal with children daily and I cannot disclose any information about them to anyone except parents or the administration. I also must dress appropriately since we are in a school and I enjoy that. Should I leave this job at any time, those two aspects of professionalism will travel with me. I feel one must dress for success. Although there are times I do have to run after a student so I always have a pair of tennis shoes in my bag.

There were several takeaways from the video. One good reminder that all the professors mentioned is social media. We must all be vigilant about what we post on Facebook, Instagram, and other sites that might not be professional or discrete. Another constant problem I see in my job is respecting authority. This is something everyone from kindergarten through retirement can remember. We must always respect authority, like it or not. I really like what Justin Silvey (2012) said when he reminded us to be prepared when we go into a first meeting but to have “confidence in you competence”. I have often struggled with having my own confidence all the while knowing I am competent! Great words to remember.


Liberty University. (Producer). (2012). How to be professional [video file]. Retrieved from https://learn.liberty.edu/webapps/blackboard/conte…

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