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I realize we live in a world that is constantly changing. Technology, societal norms, cultural changes and more require professionals to keep up by continuing their education and honing their craft. It is very important to stay current and relevant as it relates to your profession. A career that spans several decades will experience changes in trends, processes, policy, etc. We must all retool and stay on top of the last changes so that we remain effective, knowledgeable and efficient.

The video pointed out how professionalism is a necessity. I agree completely. We must conduct ourselves in a professional manner so that our client, students, colleagues, supervisors, etc. will respect us. I believe that a good leader leads by example. We must model the level of professionalism we expect. By presenting a good attitude, solid work ethic, a calm and patient demeanor, being loyal, honest and respectful will take you a long way. Those are characteristics that others respect and are drawn to. People are more willing to work with and for someone with those qualities. It is important that I exhibit those qualities every day. It doesn’t take a lot of work or effort for me because it is who I am and what I hope to find in others I work with.

I look forward to starting a career in student services or career development on a college campus. A position like that will allow me to apply my nearly 20 years of Human Resources and Workforce Development experience. It will also enable me to empower and guide young students in a direction that will help them become the most successful and productive professionals they can possibly be.


Please allow me to add this link to my post. Dr. Shirley talks about the importance of taking advantage of new opportunities and that our career development cycle never ends. As professional, we should always look for ways to improve and further our development.

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