Discussion – Simplifying Expressions

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Discussion 1 – Simplifying Expressions


Welcome to College Algebra. In this course, the discussion forums will be used in two ways, one to practice solving problems as a class. And two, to use writing about math to reinforce the concepts and further develop quantitative literacy that will be helpful in your future career. For more information on writing in a math class, read the following blog post (Links to an external site.).


The first week of the course, we will be laying the foundation for algebraic problem solving by reviewing basic arithmetic concepts such as order of operations, negative and positive numbers, exponents, and simplifying expressions. These concepts will be used to solve problems as we move through each week of the course.


Choose one of the problems listed below that covers week 1 concepts and reply.

NOTE: No more than 1 student should respond to each problem as your initial post. The first student to post will get credit. If a student has already responded, you will need to choose a different problem.

Initial Post Requirements

1) Solve the problem; show each step you took to find the answer and explain. Check your answer (if possible).

2) Write a short paragraph (100 + words) regarding your challenges/obstacles with Math or Algebra and the problems solved this week. What did you find that was either easy or difficult about solving this week’s discussion problems? What advice can you share to overcome these challenges? Include IWG-style references.


  • Add the polynomials:
  1. 2x + 5 and 4x – 2
  2. x^2 – 7x + 4 and x^2 + 8x – 1
  3. 3x^2 + 5x + 5 and -6x^2 + 4x + 2
  4. 4x + 3 and 2x + 9 and -3x – 4
  5. 17x + 9 and -3x – 5 and -2x + 11
  • Subtract the polynomials:

6. 6x + 4 and 2x – 8

7. 4x – 9 and 7x + 2

8. x^2 + 4x +7 and x^2 + 9x +3

  • Find the product:

9. (x + 2)(x + 6)

10. (x – 4)(x + 2)

11. (x + 9)(x – 1)

12. (x + 5)(x – 5)

13. (n – 6)(n + 2)

14. (b + 2)(b – 1)

15. (x + 14)(x – 2)

16. (x – 9)(x – 9)

17. (x -7)(x + 7)

18. (x + 2)(x – 8)

19. (x + 11)(x – 2)

20. (x – 10)(x + 4)

21. (b + 5)(b – 11)

22. (n – 3)(n +10)

  • Divide the monomials:

23. x^7div

24. x^4 div

25. x^2y^9 div

26. x^3 div

27. n^12 div

28. x div

  • Simplify the algebraic expression:

29. x^5*x^4

30. x^10*x^2

31. x^-3*x^7

32. x^5*x^-9

33. (x^4)^3

34. (x^2)^6

35. (x^5)^-2

  • Solve the formula:

36. d = RT solve for d, if R = 30 and T = 2

37. I=prT solve for I, if p = 150, r = 0.2 and T = 3

38. P = 2L + 2W solve for P, if L = 4 and W = 12

39. P = 2l + 2W solve for P, if L = 10 and W = 8

40. A = LW solve for A, if L = 9 and W = 8

To receive full credit for your initial post, complete all of the steps. Remember to label your initial post with your name, problem number (Ex: Stringer Problem #34).

Reply Requirements

Post two replies according to the syllabus requirements (this will total 3 posts for the week). Responses can be addressed to both your initial thread and other threads.

Discussion Forum Instructions:

WHAT: You will be writing three or more discussion posts per week. Your main post must be two to three substantive paragraphs (150+total words) and include at least one IWG-formatted citation/reference. Please follow up with two subsequent replies to colleagues. Each reply should consist of a relevant paragraph containing 50 words or more.

WHY:Discussion questions are designed for you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the weekly material. This forum provides an opportunity to develop ideas and concepts with your instructor and peers. This discussion format assists with development of communication skills and critical thinking necessary for success in the modern workplace.

HOW: Your posts should be substantive, demonstrate independent thought relevant to the topic, and encourage continued discussion. Please avoid simply repeating previous posts and agreeing. Provide supporting evidence for your ideas and opinions through the use of personal or work examples, relevant articles or websites, or concepts covered in the week’s readings. Best practice: compose and save your discussion post in a word processing document, then copy and paste it in the Discussion Forum.

WHEN: For full credit, your first post must be made by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. (MT), and you must post the remaining two before Sunday at 11:59 (MT). You are expected to participate in the ongoing discussion on at least two different days during the week.

Remember that part of the discussion grade is submitting on time and using proper grammar, spelling, etc. You’re training to be a professional—write like it.

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