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Nursing and Medical Healthcare ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Nursing and Medical Healthcare I’m studying and need help with a Health & Medical question to help me learn. Nursing and Medical Healthcare Nursing and medical. discussion. Health and medical. Healthcare. reply_to_colleague___s_discu Reply to colleague’s discussion posts. Include references if any. Discussion post 1: Professor & class, The Chamberlain Care Model serves as an algorithm to helps students become professionals by building a strong foundation on which nurses can grow and succeed on. This model of care begins with the person. This core concept of starting with the self is integral. All other aspects of nursing radiate out from the origin, which is the person. The meaning of the model is to show the layers of connection between the origin (self) and the path to transforming healthcare. These layers not only distinguish the difference between levels but show the interconnectivity between these layers such as The Narrative Circle Model aims to connect the nurse through all the layers to transform healthcare (MacIntyre, 2018). For a nursing model to have efficacy it must have logic behind it. Without all the aspects of the model working with each other it will not have the intended outcome of transforming healthcare (Logina & Traynor, 2019). The Chamberlain Care Model grow in view and explains the way in which the nurse’s actions and efforts can make their way through the many different levels to change healthcare. This is a very useful guide show how the outward effort must interact with faculty, students, patients, families, and the environment before it can initiate change. Although this model is guided towards nursing is can be used in other professions as well. For example, if someone’s goal was to make change in grade school education, they would be able to use this model. They would start to make change in the different levels eventually graduating to making change on throughout elementary education. Nursing and Medical Healthcare To prove the efficacy of this model we can use hand hygiene. A nurse realizes that this act can save lives. Through a little initial cost this act save money by lowering hospital acquired infections. The nurse would start with meeting with faculty and staff showing them evidence base-practice validating why this should be initiated. The fellow staff would become the students learning the importance of this act. They would continue the efforts by including education to families and patients on how handwashing prevents illness. Now that the value hand hygiene has become known throughout the environment, change will spread throughout healthcare. This has happened. The action hand hygiene took follows this model very well. It is now common practice to exercise hand hygiene because of the way in which this concept graduated through the different levels of the Chamberlain Care Model. Answer: Discussion post 2: Patient-Centered Nursing framework model (PCN) origin was in 2006 by McCormack and McCane with changes in 2010 for a more specified application to different diverse healthcare systems. Terminology based on patient-centered care has been used since the 1970s in American nursing with the aim of improving individual health outcomes. The primary focus of this model is the person(patient) who is the center of the care delivery (McCane, McCormack, & Dewing, 2011). The meaning of this model is aimed at the collaboration of central care practices keeping the patient first and coming to a conclusive care practice decision. Involving person which is often a patient can also be identified a family member or caregiver involved in the care being provided. Using my understanding of Walker and Avant’s theory analysis model I understand these to be adequate descriptions to the steps in the PCN model analysis. Logical adequacy of the model can be determined by other theorist evaluating the model while attempting to find falsities within the model. A theorist could try to define the reasoning between professional competencies and how it may or may not relate to a feeling of well-being in any certain population age to prove the logic of the method. Finding ample logical conclusions to prove the model substantiates its adequacy. Nursing and Medical Healthcare Usefulness within this PCN model is proven through enabling and successful use by others in exercising the exact same model to evaluate effectiveness within their own patient-centered practices. Generalizability within the model is the broadening of the PCN model to the outermost ability and ensuring that any and all aspects that can be included are. Altering Walker and Avant’s model was warranted by this evaluation and expanded the model to include the macro-levels of healthcare systems (Walker & Avant 2011). Degree of parsimony within the PCN model can be evaluated by language evaluation in its clarity and ease. Keeping terminology as loosely descriptive as possible without if becoming false or losing it plausibility is key. Testability of the PCN model can be proven by finding and utilization of different tools. Tools such as assigning data through high or low parameters or numerical labels would allow for distinct evaluation of the model to confirm its ability to support the theory. PCN model can essentially be applied in the foundational theoretical framework in alternate areas of nursing practice as it can utilize the model with ease in an application into their own specialty area. Answer: Discussion post 3: The Person-Centered Nursing Framework was developed by MacCormack and McCance in 2006 to evaluate how effective patient-centered care was in hospital settings. The authors used their research from 2001 and other evidence-based research literature on patient-centered care nursing. The process of developing this framework was done in a multi-step system. The model means delivering patient care through a variety of activities to personalize care such as understanding the patients understanding a patients’ beliefs and values and, incorporating them into their plan of care as well as being patient and sympathetic when providing patient care. The framework logically divides patient-centered care into four constructs for simpler understanding and making it useful for the nurse providing care: Prerequisites: Focuses on attributes of the nurse such as compassion, personality, skills, commitment to the job, and competencies such as interpersonal and communication skills. The Care Environment: This is the context in which care is being delivered. For example, skilled staff as well as appropriate staffing. Patient Care Process: Focuses on delivering care through a range of activities such as nurses attributes and providing holistic care by facilitating patient participation. Expected outcomes: These are the results of effective patient-centered nursing. Nursing and Medical Healthcare The four categories make it easy to understand and helpful for nurses to use in everyday nursing practice. Patient-centered care is not a general model but focuses on the scope of caring. According to McCormack and McCance (2006), Patient-centered care model is not simple, and their study reveals the complexity of the framework. The framework is testable through both qualitative and quantitative projects in acute care hospitals. McCormack and McCance describe the framework as a midrange theory developed through analysis of literature on existing conceptual frameworks. The framework validates Leininger’s theory of nursing that focuses on providing care consistent with cultural diversity, and its central focus is caring. Leininger’s theory suggests that caring is patient-centered and personal; therefore, to be effective, nurses need to be culturally competent to meet specific patient needs ( Schub & Caple, 2018). Nursing and Medical Healthcare Answer: Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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