Passaic County Community College Existentialism Reflection Paper

Passaic County Community College Existentialism Reflection Paper Passaic County Community College Existentialism Reflection Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL NURSING PAPERS Home > Humanities > Passaic County Community College Existentialism Reflection Paper Passaic County Community College Existentialism Reflection Paper School Passaic County Community College Question Description I’m studying and need help with a Philosophy question to help me learn. he asked for 4-5 pages but 4 pages is fine. everything is explained in the paper how it needs to be done. Unformatted Attachment Preview Reflection Paper Assignment 1. Read the essay “Existentialism as a Humanism” by J.P. Sarte. Existentialism is a Humanism ( 2. Existentialism is a philosophy focused on embracing the sense of the self put forth by Descartes and carrying it much further. Sartre is an atheist and one of the most famous of the existentialists. In his essay, Sartre works from the idea of the self-aware self and takes the view that “existence precedes essence”. In other words, when we are born, we first exist, and it is up to the self to create the meaning or “essence” of her or his existence. Sartre uses the example of the knife. The latter is an object that is designed by human beings with a specific purpose and nature. A knife is a piece of metal that is created by humans out of raw materials and used to cut other things. So, the knife’s essence comes before its existence. The meaning of a knife comes before the knife even exists. The reverse is the case for the human being. Since there is no God for Sartre, then the individual human has no essence when he or she is born. And nature also gives us no essence before our birth. We are born and exist. It is up to us to create meaning for our lives by our choices. Sartre uses the example of the young man who must decide whether to care for his mother or go to war for his country. Sartre’s point is that no ethics or other outside element can decide the choice for him. Passaic County Community College Existentialism Reflection Paper He is the one who must decide and only he can. For Sartre, there is no god who can tell him what to do and if he turns to others for guidance he has already decided. The young person must create his own meaning and make his own choice. This reflects the idea of “abandonment” in the essay. We are abandoned to make our own essences. We humans must decide and create our own meaning. And even if we are “determined” by nature to do certain things, we must decide the meaning of what happens to us. For Sartre, this is the ultimate expression of human dignity. We are free and we create our own meaning. 3. For the course paper, do the following. Read the essay by Sartre. Write a 4-5-page paper in which you do the following (due dec 1): a. Summarize the article. What does Sartre mean by saying that essence precedes essence? What is the significance of anguish for Sartre? Why does he think that this freedom upholds the ultimate dignity of the human being? b. Compare Sartre’s philosophy to that of Plato. How would the two philosophers disagree? Explain how Plato’s forms are an essence in the sense of Sartre. What would Sartre think of Plato’s philosophy? c. Give your opinion of Sartre’s philosophy. What do you believe is important for you as a human being in developing your sense of meaning in your own individual life? Are we humans free to create the meaning of our own existence? What is your own philosophy of how you want to live your individual life going forward into the future? Explain your answers. … Purchase answer to see full attachment Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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